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2017 Parliamentary Election: 22 July 2017
Eleisaun Parlamentár 2017: 22 Jullu 2017

19 July/Jullu 2017


La'o Hamutuk is an independent, nonpartisan Timor-Leste civil society organization. We are engaging with the 2017 Parliamentary election to encourage candidates and parties to discuss the policies they will implement over the next five years, and to encourage citizens to vote for parties whose platforms they agree with.

La'o Hamutuk is distributing a Tetum language poster (left) and brochure (right) suggesting things for voters to consider before they vote. You can download these or request copies from our office.

La'o Hamutuk is providing briefings on fundamental issues facing Timor-Leste, to help put the election in context. The briefing is a version of this presentation, and will be in English, free of charge to observers, journalists, and others who would like to understand the challenges Timor-Leste faces in transitioning from petroleum-export-dependency to sustainable, equitable development.

More than 50 people from 20 organizations came to the briefings on 13 and 18 July. If you're interested but couldn't make those, please email and we may schedule another.

We have also produced a radio program (Tetum, 8 MB audio) highlighting some of the most important issues at stake, and another with thoughts from civil society and voters about the election (Tetum, 8 MB audio).

La'o Hamutuk nudár organizasaun sosiedade sivíl ida ne’ebé independente no naun partidáriu iha Timor-Leste. Ami involve iha eleisaun Parlamentár 2017 nian atu enkoraja kandidatu no partidu sira atu diskute polítika sira ne’ebé mak sira sei implementa iha tinan lima oin mai, no atu enkoraja sidadaun sira atu vota ba partidu sira ne’ebé ninia plataforma sira (sidadaun sira) konkorda.

La’o Hamutuk distribui poster (karuk) no broxura (loos) hodi sujere asuntu sira ba votante sira atu konsidera molok sira ba vota. Ita bele hetan kópia sira ne’e iha ne’e ka mai foti iha ami nia servisu fatin.

Ami mós prodús ona programa radio ida (audio 8 MB) ne’ebé foka ba asuntu importante sira tuir ami nia haree, ne’ebé sai hanesan risku iha Timor-Leste, no programa seluk ho Lian Husi Eleitores sira ba Eleisaun Parlamentar 2017-2022

We distributed a questionnaire asking each party's positions on key policy questions and will publish the responses as we receive them:

The bottom part of this page links to important information related to the election, including a list of candidates on each party's Parliamentary slate and a schedule of campaign locations.

The National Elections Commission has certified the following political parties to be on the ballot.

Ami distribui kestionáriu ida atu husu kona-ba partidu ida-idak nia pozisaun ba kestaun polítika xave sira no ami sei publika ninia rezultadu sira bainhira ami hetan ona sira nia resposta:

Pájina ida ne’e nia rohan liga ba informasaun importante sira ne’ebé iha relasaun ho eleisaun, inklui lista kandidatu sira iha kadeira parlamentár nian no oráriu ba fatin kampaña sira.

Komisaun Nasionál ba Eleisaun sira sertifika ona partidu polítiku sira tuir mai ne’e iha boletín-votu nian.

1 Bloku Unidade Popular (coligasaun)
   PMD - Partido Milénium Democrático
   PLPA-Partido liberta Povo Aileba
   PDRT- Partido Democratica Republica de Timor

2 APMT - Partido Associacao Popular Monarquia Timorense

3 KHUNTO - Partido Haburas Unidade Nacional Timor Oan

4 PEP - Partido Esperanca da Patria

5 PST - Partido Sosialista de Timor

6 PDP - Partido ba Dezenvolvimentu Popular

7 C.N.R.T. - Congresso Nacional de Reconstrucao de Timor Leste

8 PR - Partidu Republicano

9 UDT - Uniao Democrática Timorense

10 PDC - Partido Democráta Cristão

11 MLPM - Partido Movimento Libertasaun Povo Maubere

12 PLP- Partido da Libertacao Popular

13 PD - Partido Democrático

14 UNDERTIM - Unidade Nacional Democrática da Resistencia Timorense

15 PUDD - Partido do Unidade Dezenvolvimentu Demokratiku

16 PTD - Partido Timorense Democratico

17 Partido Frenti-Mudanca

18 PSD - Partido Social Democráta

19 CASDT- Partido Centro Accao Sosial Democrata Timorense

20 P.D.N. - Partido do Desenvolvimento Nacional

21 FRETILIN - Frente Revolucionário de Timor Leste Independente

Click for information about the 2017 Presidential election and here for information about the 2012 elections.

Bele hetan informasaun kona-ba Eleisaun ba Prezidente Republika 2017 ka informasaun kona-ba eleisaun sira iha tinan 2012.

Materials from La'o Hamutuk (all Tetum)

Materiais husi La'o Hamutuk

Information about the election

Informasaun kona-ba eleisaun


Dokumentu sira




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