Adapted from a page on Transocean's website by La'o Hamutuk.

Transocean Legend drilling unit

The TRANSOCEAN LEGEND is a Modified Bingo 3000 design semi-submersible drilling unit capable of operating in water depths up to 3,500 ft using 18in 10,000 psi BOP and 21in OD marine riser. 
Rig TypeOther Floaters 
DesignModified Bingo 3000 
BuilderNippon Kokan K.K. TSU, Japan 
Year Built1983; Upgraded 1990 
ClassificationABS +1A1 column stabilised unit 
Accommodation114 berths 
Helideck89 ft octagonal; rated for S-61 helicopter 
Moonpool20 ft x 82 ft 
Station KeepingMoored 
Max Drill Depth25,000 ft / 7,620 m 
Max Water Depth3,500 ft / 1,067 m 
Operating ConditionsMax Wave: 26 ft; Wave period 9.5 sec; Wind: 70 knots; Current: 2 knots 
Storm ConditionsMax Wave: 49 ft; Wave period 14 sec; Wind: 100 knots; Current 2.5 knots 

Technical Dimensions

Length334 ft 102 m 
Breadth220 ft 67 m 
Depth121 ft 37 m 
Operating Draft 80 ft 24 m 
Ocean Transit Draft31 ft 9 m 
VDL - Operating2,865 st 2,600 mt 


Liquid Mud 2,456 bbls 13,789 cu ft 390 cu m 
Drill Water 7,230 bbls 40,593 cu ft 1,149 cu m 
Potable Water 4,820 bbls 27,062 cu ft 766 cu m 
Fuel Oil 15,732 bbls 88,327 cu ft 2,500 cu m 
Bulk Mud  6,197 cu ft 175 cu m 
Bulk Cement  4,765 cu ft 135 cu m 
Sack Material 4,000 sacks   

Drilling Equipment

DerrickDreco 185 ft x 40 ft x 40 ft, 476 mt GNC 
DrawworksNational 1625-DE, 3000 hp with 1-3/8in line 
Motion CompensatorWestern Gear HC-490-16-25C, 181 mt operating, 660 mt pinned, 25 ft stroke 
Top Drive TDS-4S, 1100 hp 
RotaryNational C-495, 49in opening 
Pipe HandlingVMW RJT-88 manipulator arm, Myrex catwalk machine 
Mud Pumps2 x National 12P160; 1 x Gardner Denver PZ-160, 1600 hp each 
Shale Shakers4 x Brandt LCM-2D/ CM2 (1200 gpm) 
Desander1 x Brandt LCM-2D with 3 x 12in cones (1500 gpm) 
Desilter1 x Brandt LCM-2D with 24 x 4in cones (1500 gpm) 
Mud Cleaner1 x Brandt LCH-2D Mud Cleaner 
BOP2 x Cameron 18in 10K double; 1 x Shaffer 18in 5K annular, Vetco H4 connector 
LMRP1 x Shaffer 5K 21in annular, Vetco H4 riser connector 
DiverterRegan KFDS, 24in bore, 500 psi with 2 x 12in flowlines 
Control SystemKoomey UP 3R P24 EPR hydraulic control system 
Riser52 x Vetco HMF 21in OD riser 75 ft 
Riser Tensioners10 x Western Gear 80 kips; 2 x Shaffer 80 kips (Total 960 kips) 
Guideline Tensioners4 x Western Gear 16 kips 
Podline Tensioners2 x Western Gear 16 kips 
Choke & Kill3-1/16in Cameron 10,000 psi with 1 x fixed choke and 2 x adjustable chokes 
CementingBJ 35-8-5 RAM cementing unit (third party) 


Main Power 4 x EMD 16-645-E9B each driving 1 x EMD 2625kVA generator 
Emergency Power 1 x Detroit 16V92 diesel driving 1 x Stewart & Stevenson 687 kVA generator 
Power Distribution8 x IPS SCR units 
Deck Cranes2 x National OS-435-HD hydraulic cranes, 150ft booms, 38mt @ 35ft. 
Thrusters4 x Schottel S 1502 LS, 1600 hp, 360 deg. azimuthing thrusters 
PropulsionSee Thrusters 

Mooring Equipment

Winches4 x National D-523-E double wildcat winches 
Wire/Chain8 x 6500 ft ORQ 3-1/8in chains with 3in wire 
Anchors8 x 12.5 mt Vryhof Stevpris 

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