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Transocean Legend drilling unit

The TRANSOCEAN LEGEND is a Modified Bingo 3000 design semi-submersible drilling unit capable of operating in water depths up to 3,500 ft using 18¾in 10,000 psi BOP and 21in OD marine riser. 
Rig TypeOther Floaters 
DesignModified Bingo 3000 
BuilderNippon Kokan K.K. TSU, Japan 
Year Built1983; Upgraded 1990 
ClassificationABS +1A1 column stabilised unit 
Accommodation114 berths 
Helideck89 ft octagonal; rated for S-61 helicopter 
Moonpool20 ft x 82 ft 
Station KeepingMoored 
Max Drill Depth25,000 ft / 7,620 m 
Max Water Depth3,500 ft / 1,067 m 
Operating ConditionsMax Wave: 26 ft; Wave period 9.5 sec; Wind: 70 knots; Current: 2 knots 
Storm ConditionsMax Wave: 49 ft; Wave period 14 sec; Wind: 100 knots; Current 2.5 knots 

Technical Dimensions

Length334 ft 102 m 
Breadth220 ft 67 m 
Depth121 ft 37 m 
Operating Draft 80 ft 24 m 
Ocean Transit Draft31 ft 9 m 
VDL - Operating2,865 st 2,600 mt 


Liquid Mud 2,456 bbls 13,789 cu ft 390 cu m 
Drill Water 7,230 bbls 40,593 cu ft 1,149 cu m 
Potable Water 4,820 bbls 27,062 cu ft 766 cu m 
Fuel Oil 15,732 bbls 88,327 cu ft 2,500 cu m 
Bulk Mud  6,197 cu ft 175 cu m 
Bulk Cement  4,765 cu ft 135 cu m 
Sack Material 4,000 sacks   

Drilling Equipment

DerrickDreco 185 ft x 40 ft x 40 ft, 476 mt GNC 
DrawworksNational 1625-DE, 3000 hp with 1-3/8in line 
Motion CompensatorWestern Gear HC-490-16-25C, 181 mt operating, 660 mt pinned, 25 ft stroke 
Top Drive TDS-4S, 1100 hp 
RotaryNational C-495, 49½in opening 
Pipe HandlingVMW RJT-88 manipulator arm, Myrex catwalk machine 
Mud Pumps2 x National 12P160; 1 x Gardner Denver PZ-160, 1600 hp each 
Shale Shakers4 x Brandt LCM-2D/ CM2 (1200 gpm) 
Desander1 x Brandt LCM-2D with 3 x 12in cones (1500 gpm) 
Desilter1 x Brandt LCM-2D with 24 x 4in cones (1500 gpm) 
Mud Cleaner1 x Brandt LCH-2D Mud Cleaner 
BOP2 x Cameron 18¾in 10K double; 1 x Shaffer 18¾in 5K annular, Vetco H4 connector 
LMRP1 x Shaffer 5K 21¼in annular, Vetco H4 riser connector 
DiverterRegan KFDS, 24in bore, 500 psi with 2 x 12in flowlines 
Control SystemKoomey UP 3R P24 EPR hydraulic control system 
Riser52 x Vetco HMF 21in OD riser 75 ft 
Riser Tensioners10 x Western Gear 80 kips; 2 x Shaffer 80 kips (Total 960 kips) 
Guideline Tensioners4 x Western Gear 16 kips 
Podline Tensioners2 x Western Gear 16 kips 
Choke & Kill3-1/16in Cameron 10,000 psi with 1 x fixed choke and 2 x adjustable chokes 
CementingBJ 35-8-5 RAM cementing unit (third party) 


Main Power 4 x EMD 16-645-E9B each driving 1 x EMD 2625kVA generator 
Emergency Power 1 x Detroit 16V92 diesel driving 1 x Stewart & Stevenson 687 kVA generator 
Power Distribution8 x IPS SCR units 
Deck Cranes2 x National OS-435-HD hydraulic cranes, 150ft booms, 38mt @ 35ft. 
Thrusters4 x Schottel S 1502 LS, 1600 hp, 360 deg. azimuthing thrusters 
PropulsionSee Thrusters 

Mooring Equipment

Winches4 x National D-523-E double wildcat winches 
Wire/Chain8 x 6500 ft ORQ 3-1/8in chains with 3¼in wire 
Anchors8 x 12.5 mt Vryhof Stevpris 

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