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2020 General State Budget
Orsamentu Jerál Estadu ba 2020

Started 3 July 2019. Updated 14 August 2019.

Link to page on 2019 state budget.      Liga ba pájina kona-ba OJE 2019

Contents of this page

Konteúdu pájina ida ne’e

2020 Budget Process begins

On 7 June, the Prime Minister's office distributed a booklet which defined their plans for 2020-2023, and Ministry of Finance advisor Helder Lopes described the economic diversification aspects at a TAF Policy Leaders Group seminar on 14 June.

As in the past several years, the Ministry of Finance announced and held a Jornada Orçamental (Budget Day) workshop on 27 June 2019 to discuss program and budgeting for 2020. The Prime Minister (Tetum) and interim Minister of Finance Sara Brites opened the session (Tetum), and you can download the Ministry's presentations (Tetum). The Central Bank also gave a presentation.

The objective of this workshop was to define national priorities for the coming year, which were explained by Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak and in a booklet distributed by the Government. However, the workshop did not define a fiscal envelope as expected. The Prime Minister said there will be further discussion in a Budget Review Committee which will recommend an overall envelope to the Council of Ministers.

The Ministry of Finance presented three scenarios for the 2020 budget: the first "base amount" was $0.7 billion, which the Ministry called "fiscally sustainable" (domestic revenues plus ESI). The other two scenarios were $1.3 and $1.6 billion, and each contained predictions for how long the Petroleum Fund will last.

FONGTIL and La'o Hamutuk represented civil society in the workshop and were given two chances to present concerns and suggestions. Journalists attended the opening speeches of the Finance Minister and Prime Minister, but they were asked to leave during the discussion.

On 31 July, the Council of Ministers established the fiscal envelope for the proposed 2020 State Budget at $1.6 billion. It prioritizes social capital (education, training, health, water and sanitation), economic development (private sector investment, job creation, diversification, agriculture) and connectivity (ports, airports, roads). A Government press release summarized the information.

The plan is for the Council of Ministers to approve the final budget proposal on 27 September and to submit it to Parliament on 15 October.

Prosesu Orsamentál ba 2020

Iha loron 7 Junu, Gabinete Primeiru Ministru fahe sira nia planu ba 2020-2023.

Antes loron ida realiza Jornada Orsamentál, Ministériu Finansas fó sai komunikadu ida hodi informa kona-ba Jornada Orsamentál ne’ebé atu realiza iha dia 27 Juńu 2019, hanesan tinan sira kotuk. Ministériu realiza Jornada Orsamentál hodi aprezenta ba partisipante sira, ministru, diretór jerál sira, no entidade sira seluk, kona-ba ezekusaun Orsamentu Jerál Estadu 2019. Primeiru Ministru no Ministra Finansas interina fó sira nia diskursu antes iha aprezentasaun husi tékniku sira kona-ba dezempeńa ekonómiku, haree realidade sósiu ekonómiku nasaun nian. Banku Sentrál Timor Leste mós fó aprezentasaun ida.

Objetivu husi jornada ida ne’e, atu define prioridade nasional ba 2020 inklui Governu fahe sira nia livru ki’ik ne’ebé elabora planu sira husi 2020 to’o 2023 no atu determina tetu fiskál, infelizmente laiha desizaun ba tetu fiskál iha jornada ida ne’e. PM dehan sei iha diskusaun tan iha komité revizaun orsamentu no lori ba Konsellu Ministru depois hetan desizaun ba tetu fiskál.

Ministériu Finansa aprezenta senáriu tolu ba OJE 2020; Senáriu primeiru mak biliaun $0.7, ne’ebé MF bolu senáriu sustentabilidade fiskál (DR+RSE), senáriu segundu biliaun $1.3 no senáriu ikus biliaun $1.6. Kada senáriu iha nia previzaun ba oinsá vida Fundu Petrolíferu.

Fongtil no La’o Hamutuk partisipa iha Jornada ida ne’e nudár sosiedade sivíl no hetan tempu dala rua ba ko’alia hodi hato’o preokupasaun no sujestaun sira ba Governu. Media sira mós partisipa iha parte dadeer sorin husi diskursu Ministra Finansa no Primeiru Ministru nian maibé too iha parte diskusaun MC husu jornalista sira atu sai.

Iha loron 31 Jullu, Konsellu Ministrus estabelese tetu fiskál ba proposta OJE 2020, nivel biliaun $1.6. Komunikadu imprensa ida husi Governu sumariza desizaun ida ne'e.

Tuir planu, Konsellu Ministrus sei aprova proposta orsamentu final ba tinan 2020 iha loron 27 Setembru, no haruka ba Parlamentu Nasional iha loron 15 Otubru.

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