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Timor-Leste National Alliance for an International Tribunal
Aliansi Nasional Timor Leste Ba Tribunal Internasional

Stop Ongoing Impunity!

Judge the Perpetrators of the 7 December Invasion!

Judge the Criminals who Violated Human Rights in Timor-Leste and Indonesia!!!

Press release, 5 December 2008

Link/ligasaun to PDF in Tetum or English

December Seventh is an historic day for the Nation of Timor-Leste and for all people in our beloved country. The State has also recognized it as a Day of Heroes of the National Liberation. For more than 33 years, the people of Timor-Leste have been suffering because, on 7 December 1975, Timor-Leste was invaded by the Indonesian military, beginning an illegal occupation. For 24 long years, people’s human rights were brutally violated by the invaders, including torture, imprisonment, sexual violations, and killing thousands upon thousands of people.

From the 7 December invasion until after we achieved independence, for 33 years, Timor-Leste’s people have lived with the injustice of this invasion, especially the injustice to victims and their families who until today must live with hardship and suffering resulting from these violations of their human rights.

The CAVR (Commission on Reception, Truth and Reconciliation) has already looked for truth and facts about human rights violations during the 24-year Indonesian occupation, thinking to find truth, reconciliation and justice, but many victims and their families still suffer because CAVR did not achieve genuine justice. CAVR finished its mandate and submitted its report to the President on 28 October 2005, and on 30 October 2005 the President of the Republic transmitted the CAVR report “Chega!” and its recommendations  to the Timor-Leste National Parliament for them to study, so that they can enact laws implementing its recommendations. But until today, three years later, the National Parliament considered this report and its recommendations to be important. This past 10 November, Parliament began discussing debating resolutions on the CAVR report and Chega recommendations, but Parliament voted 29 against, 17 in favor and two abstentions. Therefore, the debate on this resolution did not continue.

The CVA (Truth and Friendship Commission, created by the governments of Indonesia and Timor-Leste in 2006) has also completed its final report and given very different recommendations from those in Chega. CVA does not give importance to formal justice processes which would bring the perpetrators to court. CVA paid for its report with the people’s money, but the report gives no importance to justice, especially to an international tribunal with the credibility to judge the perpetrators of human rights violations, but only talks about the relations between two nations. We would like to clarify that we continue to support reconciliation between the two nations, but justice must be done, because if there is no justice the nation and its people will live with injustice in their hearts.

For this reason, we come together in the Timor-Leste National Alliance for an International Tribunal to make the following demands:

  1. Bring the criminal perpetrators to be judged by a credible and impartial court.

  2. The United Nations must quickly process the human rights violations which occurred between 1975 and 1999.

  3. Responsible agencies, especially the legislature, should promptly discuss the Chega recommendations.

  4. We also ask the National Parliament to make a law providing national relief for victims of human rights violations between 1974 and 1999.

Justice means that a person cannot commit the same crimes in the future,

Justice also means that no other person can do these things in the future,

Justice will enable people to respect each other,

If there is no justice, our beloved Timor-Leste will fall into daily injustice and never find lasting peace.

Dili, 5 December 2008

Witnessed and signed by representatives from the member groups of ANTI: Fokupers, La’o Hamutuk, Luta Hamutuk, Judicial Systems Monitoring Programme (JSMP), Forum Tau Matan (FTM), HAK Association, Popular Organization of Victims of War (OPVG), NGO Forum Secretariat, Victims’ Family Group, Youth for the Future Association (KJHF) and Timor-Leste Student Front (Front Mahasiswa)

Hapara Korenti Impunidade...!

Julga Autor Invazor 7 Dezembru...

Julga Kriminozus Violasaun Direitus Humanus Iha Timor Leste no Indonesia ... !!!

Loron 7 Dezembru nudar loron istoriku ba Nasaun Timor Leste no ba povu tomak iha rai doben ida ne’e. Estadu mos tau loron ida ne’e hanesan loron ba herois libertasaun nasional. Iha tinan 33 liu ba povu Timor Leste hetan sofrementu tamba iha loron 7 Dezembru 1975, Timor Leste hetan invasaun husi militar Indonesia hahu no halo okupasaun Ilegal. Iha tempu naruk durante tinan 24 nia laran povo hetan violasaun direitus humanus husi invazor sira, hamosu brutalismu hodi turtura, dadur, violasaun sesual no oho ema rihun ba rihun barak mak mate.

Hahu husi 7 Desembro loron invasaun to ita hetan ukun rasik a’an hamutuk tinan 33 ona povu Timor-Leste tomak moris iha injustisa nia laran hanesan impaktu ida husi invazaun ne’e, liu – liu injustisa ba vitima no familia vitima nebe mak to agora sei moris iha susar no terus nia laran depois de hetan violasaun direitus humanus hirak ne’e.

Ita konsege dunik hari CAVR (Comisaun Akolhiamentu Verdade no Reconsiliasaun) hodi buka Lia los no faktus ba violasaun direitus humanus duranti okupasaun Indonesia nian iha tinan 24 nia laran ho hanoin ida atu hetan lia los, rekonsilisaun no justisa, maibe to ohin loron vitima no familia vitima barak sei terus tamba la-hetan justisa lolos. CAVR remata nia nia mandate no entrega ona relatorio ne’e ba presidenti iha loron 28 Outubru 2005 no iha loron 30 Outubtru 2005, Prezidenti da Republika mos entrega ona relatorio CAVR no nia rekomendasaun “Chega” ba Parlamentu Nasional Timor Leste hodi bele hetan atensaun, no mos bele halo lei ba implementasaun ba rekomendasaun “Chega”. Maibe to ohin loron tinan 3 resin tiha ona Parlamentu Nasional La fo importansia ba relatorio no rekomensaun ida ne’e. Iha loron 10 Novembru 2008 liu ba iha Parlamentu Nasional halao diskusaun atu debate rezolusaun relatorio CAVR no rekomendasaun Chega, maibe deputadu sira halo votasaun ho votus 29 Kontra, 17 Aseita no 2 Abstain. Tan ne’e hodi laiha kontinusaun ba debate rezolusaun ne’e.

Iha mos CVA nebe mak hari iha tinan 2006 no remata mos nia relatorio final no fo rekomendasaun nebe diferencia tebes husi rekomendasaun Chega, nebe’e la fo importansia ba Justisa formal nian hodi lori autor sira ba hatan iha tribunal. CVA hasai ona nia relatoriu nebe’e gasta osan povu nian, maibe’e la tau importansia ba asuntu justisa “liu – liu tribunal internasional ida nebe’e iha kredibilidade hodi julga autor krimi ba violasaun direitus humanus” maibe koalia liu deit ba relasaun diak entre nasaun rua. Atu klarifika deit katak ami suporta nafatin rekonsiliasaun entre nasaun rua maibe’e justisa mos tenki hatur iha nia fatin tamba laiha justisa nasaun ho nia povu sei moris iha injustisa nia laran.

Bazeia ba razaun hirak ne’e, ami nebe’e halibur a’an iha Aliansi Nasional Timor Leste ba Tribunal Internasional, hakarak hato’o ejijensia hanesan tuir mai ne’e.

  1. Lori autor kriminozu hodi julga ba Tribunal nebe kredivel no imparsial

  2. Ejije ONU atu prosesa lalais kazu violasaun direitus humanus nebe mak akontese husi 1975 — 1999

  3. Ejije ba Orgaun konpetente liliu orgaun lejislativu atu diskuti lalais rekomendasaun Chega.

  4. Ejiji mos ba Parlementu Nasional hodi halo lei ba reprasaun nasional ba vitima violasaun direitus humanus husi tinan 1974-1999.

Justisa halo ema, labele komete tan salan hanesan iha futuru,

Justisa halo mos, atu ema seluk ka ita, atu labele halo halhalok hanesan iha futuru,

Justisa halo, hodi ema bele respeita malun,

Laiha Justisa !!! rai doben Timor Leste “sei monu beibeik iha injustisa no  nasaun sei laiha paz nebe’e mak duravel”.

Dili, 5 Dezembru 2008

Ami saran lian,

Membru ANTI (Fokupers, La’o Hamutuk, Luta Hamutuk, JSMP, FTM, Asosiasaun HAK, OPVG, Sek. FONGTIL, KJHF, Grupo Familia Vitima no Front Mahasiswa Timor Leste)

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