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With the next round of permanent maritime boundary negotiations between the Australian and East Timorese Governments recommencing this Monday the 7th , senior members of United States congress have written to Prime Minister Howard asking him to "move quickly and seriously to establish a fair, permanent maritime boundary with Timor-Leste".

The (US) open letter urged Australia, "to participate in international legal mechanisms for arbitration of maritime boundary disputes" and asked for   "any revenue from disputed areas on Timor-Leste's side of the median line but outside the Joint Petroleum Development Area be held in escrow".

Another (Aus) open letter, signed by a diverse list of prominent Australians, will be delivered to the Australian Government's negotiating team on the first day of the talks.

The Campaign  

The Timor Sea Justice Campaign believes that East Timor should control all of the gas and oil fields it is entitled to under current international law, by the establishment of a permanent maritime boundary.

We call on the Australian Government to:

1.Stop unilaterally exploiting contested gas and oil resources in the Timor Sea.
2.Place disputed revenues taken by the Australian Government into a trust fund to be distributed accordingly when the dispute is resolved.
3.Immediately negotiate a permanent maritime boundary with East Timor in accordance with current principles of International Law.
4.Re-submit to the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice and International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea to settle the dispute by independent arbitration if necessary.
About the TSJC 

The Timor Sea Justice Campaign is an independent campaign made up of concerned individuals of various ages and professions working alongside a range of non-government organizations to bring about a just and prompt resolution to the Timor Sea dispute.

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