Harnessing Energy

     GSPC at a Glance


Exploration & Production

GSPC has grown from a small oil and gas producing company in Gujarat into a vertically integrated energy company across India within 6 quick years.

GSPC is rapidly developing a multi-dimensional operational framework that fulfils the India's energy needs by exploring, developing and harnessing newer energy sources. It is leading through action towards a hydrocarbon economy in India with sustainable environmental activities, with the vision of becoming 'the Complete Energy Company'.


Incorporated in 1979 as a petrochemical company, GSPC has today metamorphosed into a large-scale energy organization, excelling in a wide gamut of hydrocarbon activities.


With the Government of India’s decision to privatize the hydrocarbon sector, GSPC acquired several discovered fields in the first and second rounds of bidding process initiated by the Government of India during 1994 and 1995. In 1997, the Government announced the New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP) to facilitate huge investments in the hydrocarbon sector, specifically exploration activities. GSPC was again among the first companies in India to take the lead by actively participating in NELP bidding processes and acquiring exploration fields and blocks across the country. GSPC’s well conceived strategic alliances with some of the most acclaimed energy companies globally, gave GSPC a massive thrust in technological advancement. The key input of entrepreneurial approach was never an issue, as Gujarati populace is well-known as one of the most enterprising communities in the world. 


The amazing combination of technology and enterprise opened a wide spectrum of opportunities for GSPC. After the first ever credible breakthrough in the form of gas discovery at Hazira in 1994, GSPC went on to attain many more breathtaking milestones in the energy sector. Today, the organization is an embodiment of a complete energy company whose remarkable feats are often discussed in almost every energy forum all over India.


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