An overview of the Bayu-Undan Gas Recycle Project can be found in the General / Project Overview section.

Production Operations Overview:

Raw wellhead fluids are received on the CPP for processing to sales specification prior to transportation to the FSO. Three (3) liquid product streams comprising Stabilised Crude Condensate, Propane and Butane are produced from the complex mixture of wellhead fluids, together with waste treated Produced Water, which is reinjected via a designated disposal well. Fuel Gas is produced from the well stream for use on board the CPP and FSO in generating electricity.

The CPP and WP1 complex utilise tested and proven distributed control technology to maintain operational process parameters within design limits so as to safeguard both the environment and personnel on board.

The FSO Operations Team is responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the floating fixed installation. The FSO acts as the storage and load-out facility for the 3 sales specification products received from the CPP.

With 14 tanks and capacity for over 1.4 million combined barrels of condensate and LPG, the integrated Bayu-Undan FSO is a permanently submerged turret-moored offshore facility linked by four-2.15 kilometre long sub-sea pipelines to the CPP.

The world's first multi-use FSO will be powered by Field fuel gas for the purpose of storing all three of Bayu-Undan's high-quality field grade liquid products: condensate at ambient temperature and pressure under an inert gas blanket; and separated propane and butane in fully refrigerated states (propane @ - 460C and Butane @ -70C), courtesy of the FSO's refrigeration and reliquefaction plants, the latter which will handle "boil-off" from the LPG tanks.

LPG export will be achieved by the side-to-side (STS) mooring/offloading to fully refrigerated type gas carriers up to Very Large Gas Carrier (84,000 m3) size. The simultaneous export of propane and butane will be achieved through individual flexible hoses connected to the gas carrier's port side manifold.

Condensate export will be achieved by tandem mooring/offloading to tankers up to Suezmax (150,000 DWT) size, through a floating hose connected to the tanker's port side manifold.

Simultaneous mooring/offloading of condensate and LPG will not be permitted, and LPG export mooring operations will only be carried out in the daylight whilst condensate export mooring operations may be carried out at anytime.

FSO Storage Capacity (98% of total capacity):
Propane: 50,983 m3 @ 0.582 tonnes per m3 = 29,672 tonnes
Butane: 44,969 m3 @ 0.598 tonnes per m3 = 26,891 tonnes
Condensate: Eight storage tanks totaling 817,200 barrels

LPG design offloading rate:
2,000 m3/hour for each product (propane and butane) simultaneously

Condensate design offloading rate:
29,640 bbl/hour (4,000 m3/hour)

Onshore Support

The onshore Operations Team are responsible for effectively leading and integrating the Production and Maintenance functions into the Bayu-Undan Gas Recycling Development ensuring that all activities are performed in full compliance with statutory regulations and company policy and procedures.

Engineering & Maintenance

Engineering and maintenance activity at Bayu Undan is managed using a team approach, involving on and offshore Phillips staff and contractors.

At the frontline the offshore operations technicians have maintenance duties as an integral part of their production role. Dedicated Maintenance Coordinators and Planners are in place within the offshore organisation to provide a focal point for planning and supervision of maintenance activities.

Where necessary, additional resources are obtained from contract resources.

Technical support personnel are provided onshore in each of the key engineering disciplines. These personnel act as integral members of the maintenance team, providing direction on technical issues, guidance on maintenance strategies and coordinating resources for engineering project activities. The team also provides a focal point for project and shutdown planning.


Please note that all references to Phillips or Phillips Petroleum on this page refer to Phillips Petroleum (91-12) Pty Ltd as Unit Operator for the Bayu-Undan development, except as specifically mentioned otherwise.

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