Acreage Release

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The Timor Sea Designated Authority for the Joint Petroleum Development Area is pleased to announce the release of exploration acreage available for application. Production Sharing Contracts will be offered to successful applicants based on a Work Program bidding system. This is the first such release since the Timor Sea Treaty entered into force in April 2003.

The Joint Petroleum Development Area (JPDA), established under the Timor Sea Treaty, lies geologically in the Northern Bonaparte Basin which is a proven petroliferous province containing several major oil and gas fields. Within the JPDA, technically recoverable reserves of more than 5 trillion cubic feet of gas, and 500 million barrels of oil, condensate, and LPG's have been proven to exist, and the majority of these reserves are currently being developed.

Four Production Sharing Contract areas are being offered, ranging in approximate size from 3,770 square kilometres to 5,770 square kilometres, lying in water depths of 70 metres to 1,000 metres. Each of these areas is uniquely attractive. Two areas contain gas discoveries, one area lies near two oil fields currently proposed for development, and one area lies adjacent to a giant undeveloped gas field.

The Timor Sea Designated Authority invites petroleum explorers to apply for Production Sharing Contracts in any or all of the areas offered. Detailed information for applicants is available in the enclosed compact disk. In summary, the Timor Sea Designated Authority offers the following essentials : a petroliferous province, development infrastructure, and proven professional administration.

The closing date for applications is 5 PM on Friday 26 th May, 2006 .

We look forward to your participation.