Jabiru Oilfield

Timor Sea Oil and Gas Fields

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  • The Jabiru oil field is located in the Timor Sea, approximately 650 km due west of Darwin.


  • Title to the field is held under licences AC/L1 and AC/L2.
  • As at 17 July 2001, participants are:
Newfield Australia (Ashmore Cartier) Pty Ltd 50.0%

OMV Petroleum Pty Ltd


Santos Offshore Pty Ltd


Mobil Australian Resources Company Pty Ltd

Anadarko Australia Company Pty Ltd 14.6875%
  • The Jabiru (and Challis, Cassini and Skua fields) were formerly operated by BHP Petroleum Pty Ltd.
  • In November 1998, BHP Petroleumís interests in the fields were purchased by Gulf Australia Resources Ltd and in July 1999 they were purchased by Newfield.


  • The field was discovered in 1983.


  • First oil production commenced in August 1986.
  • Cumulative production to August 2000 was about 100.2 million barrels (15.9 million cubic metres).
  • The production rate has declined from its peak production of about 51,600 barrels (8,204 cubic metres) per day at the end of 1989 to current production of just over 4,875 barrels (774.1 cubic metres) per day, due to natural depletion.
  • Remaining field life is up to 5 years.
  • At 21 December 2000, remaining proven plus probable recoverable oil reserves were 6.2 million barrels (1.0 million cubic metres).


A total of 14 wells have been drilled, of which 5 are producing oil through subsea flowlines and an anchored riser to a disconnectable floating production facility.

The Jabiru Venture pictured below is a 140,000 Dead Weight Tonnes (DWT) Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) facility.

Jabiru Venturer
Photograph Courtesy BHP Petroleum

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