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East Timor Digital Data Package

Digital Subsurface Data Package for East Timor

IHS Energy has compiled a comprehensive digital data package of East Timor subsurface data, comprising reports, well logs and seismic data. The Data Package which comprises a collection of geological and well reports is derived from 19 onshore wells and the Mola 1 offshore well. The seismic data consists of selected lines from several near-shore surveys. Well log data and seismic are supplied in TIFF and LAS; the reports are delivered as Adobe PDFs.



The South East Asia Basin Opportunities - Timor Island Study, which uses the Data Package and other sources as its foundation, is included as part of the offering. This 160 page study which contains numerous maps and other inserts, was conducted by Petroconsultants S.A. It is available in hard copy or PDF and provides a comprehensive study of the petroleum geology and history of exploration of East Timor.

The Data Package including the Timor Island Study offers invaluable reference material for companies wishing to participate in the forthcoming bid round, details of which are available on the East Timor Government website.

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