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East Timor Digital Data Package

East Timor (Timor-Leste) became the world's newest nation on 20 May 2002, and shortly afterwards made its debut as a significant petroleum producer. The new nation has already demonstrated the capacity to facilitate development in a competitive, transparent and responsible manner.

With the upcoming inaugural Licensing Round, potential bidders will be able to derive significant benefit from the compilation of digital data which IHS is offering.

The package includes:

  • Well logs in TIFF and LAS formats and geological and engineering reports from 19 onshore wells and the Mola-1 offshore well
  • Seismic data from several near-shore surveys
  • The South East Asia Basin Opportunities €“ Timor Island Study
    • 160 pages with numerous maps and other inserts
    • A comprehensive study of the petroleum geology of East Timor
    • A detailed history of the exploration of the Island
  • The Timor Basin Monitor
    • 173 page analysis of the hydrocarbon potential of the Timor Basin
    • The techniques involved in exploring East Timor
    • Processes responsible for the accumulation of hydrocarbons (source rock occurrence and maturation, reservoir and seal distribution, trap formation and migration) are analysed
    • Additional commentary is provided on exploration possibilities within the Basin
    • Illustrated with high quality maps including basin location map, structural framework map, regional cross sections and basin stratigraphy

This unique package offers invaluable reference material for companies wishing to participate in the forthcoming licensing round. Visit the East Timor Government website for licensing round details.

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