BGP was reorganized based on corporate systems and become a limited liability company in 2002 with its shares mainly held by CNPC, by integrating geophysical survey resources from CNPC's six local subsidiaries, namely Xinjiang Petroleum Administration, Changqing Petroleum Exploration, Dagang Oilfield Group Corporation Ltd., Qinghai Petroleum Administration, Huabei Petroleum Administration and Tuha Petroleum Exploration and Development Corporation. The new company is located in Zhuozhou city, Hebei Province with the registered capital of $627 million.

BGP boasts its distinctive strength in the integration of geophysical data acquisition, processing, interpretation, equipment manufacturing and software development. It provides comprehensive and quality services worldwide, geared to the modern demands for highly competitive petroleum industry against a background of increasingly technological and logistics complexity.

There are now 94 seismic crews, 7 VSP crews and 17 GME and Geochemical crews. BGP fully understands that there is nothing more important in the world than our health, safety and environment, and it is a long-term and fundamental policy for BGP to be human-oriented, attach primary importance to strict management, quality and proactive services, honest cooperation, and client-first policy, and take a road of sustainable and harmonic development and actively devote itself to worldwide ecological and environmental protection.

BGP has provided quality services for many oil companies in China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Nigeria, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, etc.

BGP now makes every endeavor to develop itself into a world-class competitive geophysical service company with its state-of-the-art expertise, personnel of high caliber, scientific management, healthy environment, right strategies and inspiring corporate cultures.

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