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Timor-Leste Continues Upward Trend According to 2011 Human Development Report

Dili, 3 November 2011,
The Global 2011 Human Development Report “Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All” was launched by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Copenhagen today.

The Report warns that development progress in the world’s poorest countries could be halted or even reversed by mid-century unless bold steps are taken now to slow climate change, prevent further environmental damage, and reduce deep inequalities within and among nations.

The Human Development Report attempts to create a simple value that represents development in three basic categories of human development: a long and healthy life, access to knowledge and a decent standard of living.

It shows that Timor-Leste has again increased its overall Human Development Index (HDI) value up to 0.495. This is an improvement of 22% between 2001-2011 highlighting a period of sustained, positive growth and development for Timor-Leste.

Life expectancy has improved according to the report. It is up half a year from 2010, and today a Timorese citizen will live on average 6.3 years more than in 2000, rising from 56.2 years in 2000 to 62.5 in 2011.

The Human Development Index draws upon on independent statistics that are compiled by international institutions such as the World Bank and UNESCO in the major areas of national life expectancy, schooling, and GNI per capita, and then calculates an overall value that is then used to rank countries.

In the 2011 report, 18 new countries have been added and the method of calculation of indicators has changed as new data became available. According to this updated methodology, Gross National Income per capita in Timor-Leste continues to steadily grow, rising to $3,005 in 2011 from $2,867 in 2010. Timor-Leste is placed 147th out of 187 countries, while it was ranked 120th out of 169 countries in the 2010 report. Had the 2011 criteria been used, the 2010 ranking would have been readjusted to 147, thus in effect the ranking remains unchanged this year.

The long-term trend for Timor-Leste has been positive since the restoration of independence.

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