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Sunrise LNG in Timor-Leste: Dreams, Realities and Challenges

A Report by Lao Hamutuk
Timor-Leste Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis

February 2008


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Lao Hamutuk would like to acknowledge the people who helped research and write this report. Many others also supported our efforts, and we apologize to anyone we have left out.

Timor-Leste Government officials: Angelo de Almeida (Tax Commissioner), Joo Baptista Freitas Alves, (Secretary of State for Environment), Maria Jos Campos (TSDA Legal Officer), Jacinta Correia da Costa (Judge of Court of Appeals), Joao Gomes da Cunha (Coordinator for Environmental Policy), Amandio Gusmo Soares (Director of Petroleum and Gas), Cristino Gusmo (Director of Macroeconomic, Ministry of Finance), Manuel de Lemos (Director of Timor Sea Office), Francisco da Costa Monteiro (advisor to the President on oil and gas), Alfredo Pires (Secretary of State for Natural Resources), Francisco do Rosario (Director of Disaster Management), Pedro Xavier de Sousa (Director of Land and Property, Ministry of Justice), Jose Teixeira (Minister of Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy), and Carlos Ximenes (Director of Environment).

Local leaders: Estevo de Carvalho (Viqueque District Development Officer), Horacio da Costa (Director of Education for Lautem District), Lino Ferreira (Lautem District Development Officer), Arlinda Mendes (Deputy District Administrator of Lautem), Mateus Soares (Liurai of Viqueque), Carolino Ximenes (Chefe do Suco) of Lore and the Chefe do Aldeia of Com.

Friends and colleagues from civil society organizations, who served on the Advisory Committee for this project and were generous with their time and suggestions: Deometrio Amaral (Director of Haburas Foundation), Mario de Arajo (Oxfam Australia), Maria Dias (Prontu Atu Servi Clinic), Thomas Freitas (Luta Hamutuk), Nivio Oliveira (Verupupuk), Flavia Salsinha (FOKUPERS), Helio Dias da Silva (Mata Dalan Institute), Justino da Silva (NGO Forum) and Julino Ximenes (HAK Association).

International advisors to Timor-Lestes government: Hermes da Rosa Correia Barros, Havard Holterud and Rob Steele (taxes), Anne-Lene Midseim and Roger White (oil and gas), Vasco Leito (environment), Cathy Molnar (National Parks) and Alistair Watson (petroleum taxation).

In addition, we received invaluable support and information from Joseph Bell, Michelle Bologna, Bjrn Brandtzg, Christian Brtt (Project Manager, Knabe Ingenieure), Ian Gary, Francis Ghesquiere, Brigham Golden, Gary Gray and Amanda Whyte (Woodside Petroleum), Ruth Greenspan Bell, Gavin Hayman and Sarah Wykes (Global Witness), Rui Hanjam, Morten Lund Hoffman, Anton Hove, John Imle, Akshay Jashnani, Johanna Johannson, Erling Kvadsheim, Esperanza Martinez (Oilwatch), Geoff McKee, Charles McPherson and Mr. Ramos (World Bank), Jim Mellor, John M. Miller, Shirley Neff, Liv Marte Nordhaug, Henry Thompson, Andrew de Sousa, Tone Srgrd, Andrea Woodhouse and Geir Ytreland.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to Oxfam Australia and CAFOD who provided funding for this project, especially to Keryn Clark and Emma Conlan. We are grateful for the three foundations which support La'o Hamutuk's overall work on natural resources and other issues: HIVOS, Trocaire and Development and Peace. Without their confidence, we would not have been able to undertake this project. We also appreciate the patience shown by our colleagues at Lao Hamutuk and by our families as we deferred other responsibilities to focus on this report.

Dili, January 2008

Guteriano Neves, Santina Soares, Viriato Seac, Charlie Scheiner, Martin Sandbu, Guillermo Franco and Tibor van Staveren.
Lao Hamutuk Natural Resources Team

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