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Versaun Tetum

Follow this link to access additional information and analysis on the restructuring of Timor-Leste's petroleum regulatory bodies.

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Non-Governmental Organizations Don't Agree with the Model of Public Consultation Led by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy

 On 22 March 2007, the Ministry of the Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy (MNRMEP) gave notice of public consultation on the proposed Decree-Laws for downstream petroleum activity in Timor-Leste, through the daily newspaper Timor Post. The drafts of these decree Laws can be accessed through the government websites: or After discussing among civil society organizations in Timor-Leste on 2 April, and considering several issues such as the campaign and election for the Republic President and the Parliament, we in civil society are issuing this press statement to request the Ministry of Natural Resources, Mineral and Energy Policy to consider our proposal as follows:

  1. We agree that the State is responsible to create laws or regulations to regulate Petroleum activities.

  2. The timeline for this public consultations led by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy which is only 15 days, is very limited. This is not enough time for the public to be able to participate. Therefore, we urge the Minister to extend the public consultation process and to invite more people who are knowledgeable to provide ideas and perspectives to improve these laws, as these laws are very important for the future of Timor-Leste.

  3. We think that it would be better to pass these decree laws after the parliamentary election so that more people can pay attention and give comments for these decree laws. Under the current troubles for our population, it is hard for people to concentrate for a good discussion on these laws.

  4. We urge to the MNRMEP to thoroughly study other countries’ experiences by inviting experts from the National Oil Company (NOC) such as Statoil in Norway or Petronas in Malaysia, to have forum discussion. This will be the comparative study for the experience from those countries.

  5. We urge the MNRMEP to make it easier for people to access these documents by distributing hard copy, because most people don’t have internet access.

  6. We urge the MNRMEP to facilitate these laws in the official language Tetum and working languages authorized in Timor-Leste, such as English and Indonesian, so that the Government will get more and better recommendations to improve the quality of these laws.

  7. We propose a model of consultations which includes two way communications, so the Government should listen to the Timor-Leste’s people’s ideas. The consultations should involve debate and should be at all levels: District, sub-district, sucu and aldeia. Consultation should not be only a formality to legalize the process, but through public consultation, the Government should listen to thoughts from all parties in order to produce good law and policy.

  8. Because these laws are important, we urge to the MNRMEP not to rush passage of these decree laws. We worry that without a proper mechanism for public consultation, the laws will be low quality which will bring negative impacts for the future of Timor-Leste.

Those points that we have explained are our concerns about these decree laws, and for the attention of the Ministry of the Natural Resources, Mineral and Energy Policy, we would like to give thanks.

Dili, 4 April 2007

Core Group for Transparency

  • Justino da Silva, Fongtil Secretariat

  • Tomas Freitas, Luta Hamutuk

  • Mario Araujo, AMKV

  • Carlos A. B. Florindo, ETADEP

  • Julino Ximenes, Perkumpulan HAK

  • Guteriano Nicolau, La’o Hamutuk



lha loron 22 de Marsu 2007, iha Journal Diario Timor Post hateten katak Ministeriu Recurso Naturais e Politica Energetica fo sai notisia sobre konsultasaun publiku kona ba esbosu lei aktividades petroleum hodi regula sobre prosesu aktividade Downstream nian. Dokumento hirak nee bele hetan aksesu ba iha internet ou Hafoin de halo diskusaun entre orgaun sociadade civil Timor-Leste, iha loron 2, April 2007 ami hanoin tamba tempo nebe mak limitadu no oras ne'e ema barak preokupa ba prosesu kampanye no elisaun Presidensial no parlamentar entaun ema ladun fo atensaun. Tamba ne'e ami husu ba guvemo liu hosi Ministeru Recurso Minarai e Politica Energetica hodi konsidera proposta tuir mai ne'e:

  • Ami Sociadade Civil Timor-Leste konkorda ho estadu atu kria Iei ida nee mak atu regula kona ba Aktividade Petrolifera.

  • Maibe ba prosesu konsultasaun publika mak lidera husi Ministeriu Rekursu Naturais, Mineral e Politika Energia, katak tempo ba konsultasaun loron sanulu resin lima (15) Iimitado teb­tebes, atu ema hotu bele partisipa iha konsultasaun nee. Ami husu atu Ministeru bele prolonga tan prosesu ba konsultasaun ne'e no bele konvida ema barak liu tan hodi fo ninia opiniaun. Tamba esbosu lei hirak mak iha leten, importante teb-tebes ba futuru Timor-Leste nian.

  • Ami husi Sociadade Civil hanoin katak esbosu lei hirak nee diak liu hala'o depois elisaun Parlementar, hodi nune'e ema barak bele fo atensaun no fo ninia komentariu ba esbosu lei ne'e. Oras ne'e susar ba povo tomak hodi bele fo sira nia konsentrasaun hodi debate didiak.

  • Ami husu ba MRNMPE bele halo estudu ida didiak hosi esperiencia rai seluk hanesan konvida peritus kompania nasional balun husi nasaun sira mak hanesan Statoil husi Norwegia, PETRONAS husi Malaysia, para mai atu fo workshop ida, iha Forum ida nian laran hodi halo estudu komparasaun sobre esperensia kompania sira nee nian.

  • Ami husu ba MRNMPE atu fasilita dokumentu esbosu lei hirak nee liu husi fahe kopias (Print Out), tamba ema barak labele no laiha internet para aksesu.

  • Ami husu ba MRNMPE atu fasilita esbosu lei hirak nee iha lian official Tetum no mos lian trabalho mak autoriza iha Timor-Leste hanesan lian Inglesh no Bahasa lndonesia, hodi nune bele hetan rekomendasaun barak e klean liu tan ho kualidade lei mak diak.

  • Ami proposta modelu konsultasaun nebe diak tenki uza komunikasaun dua arah hodi rona husi povo Timor-Leste no ema barak nia hanoin. Konsultasaun tenki involve debate nebe klean to'o iha nivel hotu-hotu iha Distritos, sub-ditritos, Sucos no Aldeias. Konsultasaun labele hanesan formalidade deit hodi legalize prosesu maibe tenki rona opiniaun hosi parte barak hodi halo desizaun politika ida diak ba ema hotu.

  • Ami hanoin tamba lei ne'e importante entaun ami husu atu labele ansi hodi avansa ho esbosu lei hirak ne'e, ami preokupa se Iaiha konsultasaun proprio sei rezulta kualidade nebe ladiak no bele fo impactu negativu iha futuru.

Mak nee deit ami nian preokupasaun ba lei esbosu tolu nee e ba Ministero Recurso Naturais, Mineral e Politica Energetica nian konsiderasaun ami hatoo obrigado wain.

Dili 4, April 2007.

Core Group Transparensia

  • Justino da Silva, FONGTIL

  • Tomas Freitas, Luta Hamutuk

  • Mario Araujo, AMKV

  • Carlos A. B. Florindo, ETADEP

  • Julino Ximenes, Perkumpulan HAK

  • Guteriano Nicolau, La’o Hamutuk


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