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President Xanana Gusmão statement

6 April 2004

President Xanana Gusmao visited the Laularan primary school in Aileu district, which he is looking for ways to improve. During his talk there, the President explained the economic problems facing the nation, as well as the problem of the Timor Sea.  He spoke in Tetun, and the following is an excerpted English translation of what was broadcast by Television Timor Leste

This is how it is, Australia a very rich nation, a very rich nation which recognized the integration, in recognizing the integration Ali Alatas and Mr. Gareth Evans inside an airplane, drinking champagne, signing and stealing our oil over there.

Today, we are still at war, war of the mouth.  We are at war because we want to say that, what is over there is ours, which will give us strength, the strength of money. But, Australia as a very rich nation wants to steal – that’s the Government, I’m not talking about the people, – the people are our big friends, but the politicians – are our big enemy. Enemy in the sense that – not like how the Indonesian were, they are not thinking of us, we are already in misery and they still steal from us.

I'm explaining all of this so that you understand why the government doesn't yet have the strength to build all facilities for our people -- for you -- especially for you children.

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Original in Tetun

Iha loron ne’e Presidente Xanana Gusmão ba vizita eskola Primaria iha Laularan, Distritu Aileu, eskola ne’ebé Presidente rasik buka meius atu ajuda hadi’a. Durante Presidente nia diskursu Presidente esplika ba alunu sira kona-ba problema ekonomia ne’ebé nasaun enfrenta hela. Presidente mós temi kona-ba problema Tasi Timor.

Transkrisaun gravasaun TVTL kona-ba vizita eskola Laularan, Distritu Aileu, fó sai iha loron, 6 Abril 2004. 

Ne’ebé  nune’e hela, Austrália rai riku boot ida - rai riku boot ida ke uluk rekoñese  tiha integrasaun, rekoñese tiha integrasaun, Ali Alatas ho Sr. Gareth Evans sa’e tiha aviaun, hemu tiha xampaña   asina hela na’ok hela ita nia mina-rai iha ne’ebá.

Ohin loron, ita, sei funu, funu ibun – funu tanba ita hakarak dehan katak ida ne’ebá ne´e ita nian hodi ita bele hetan kiibit – kiibit osan. Maibé,  Austrália hanesan rai riku boot ida hakarak na´ok – ne´e Governu, ha’u la ko’alia povu – povu ita nia amigu boot,  mas polítiku sira - ita nia inimigu boot. Inimigu dehan katak – inimigu la’ós dehan hanesan Indonesia uluk - inimigu, maibé la hanoin ita,  ita kasian mai na´ok tan ita-nia rain.

Tanba ida ne´e mak buat sira hotu-hotu – ha’u temi ida ne´e tanba tenki temi hodi imi komprende katak Estadu seidauk iha kebit atu halo fasilidades hotu-hotu ba ita nia povu – ba imi – liuliu ba imi labarik sira.

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