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Office of the Prime Minister

20 April 2006

Tetum kraik

The map on this page has been modified from the one included with the original media release, which did not show the results of the bidding. For more on the results and the licensing round in general, click here.

For the text of the contracts which were signed later in 2006, click here.

Five international companies bid for Timor-Leste offshore acreage

This Wednesday, 19 April, was the deadline for international companies to bid for Timor-Leste offshore acreage. From the 11 contract areas available in this first bidding round, six received offers from the international companies.

By the deadline for bids, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy has received a total of nine bids. The companies have submitted bids individually and in consortia.

The following companies have submitted bids: ENI S.P.A, Petronas Carigati, Petróleo Brasileiro (Petrobras), GALP Exploração e Produção Petrolífera, Reliance Industries Limited.

Bids have been submitted for the following Contract Areas: A, B, C, E, H, K.

“I am very pleased with the interest shown by international Exploration and Production companies for the exploration possibilities in Timor-Leste. The bids show that Timor-Leste offshore area is internationally competitive and that in a short period of time Timor-Leste has been able to attract the confidence of recognized international Exploration and Production companies. The success of this bid round thus far enhances my confidence that we will be able to follow on with our planned onshore bid round later on this year.” says Prime Minister and Minister for Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy policy, Mari Alkatiri.

The evaluation of the bids will be carried out by an Evaluation Commission nominated by the Minister for Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy. The evaluation process aims at identifying the bid that offers the best conditions and advantages for Timor-Leste for each Contract Area. Bids shall be evaluated according to fair, objective and transparent criteria in accordance with the Evaluation Matrix in the Final Tender Protocol.

The Evaluation Commission is scheduled to present its Report to the Minister for Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy on the 18 May 2006 for the Minister’s approval.

Announcement of Bidding Results is expected to take place prior to the 22 May 2006.

The Ministry of Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy expects to sign Production Sharing Contracts with the successful bidders before 20 June 2006.

Timor-Leste (East Timor) became the world’s newest nation in May 2002, and less than two years later made its debut as a significant petroleum producer with first production from the Bayu-Undan Field, a joint development with Australia pursuant to which Timor-Leste receives 90% of the state take from production.

To build on this success, the Government of Timor-Leste has opened a significant portion of the nation’s offshore area to petroleum exploration and development by qualified companies.

The Final Tender Protocol can be found in the Ministry of Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy’ website.

For further information please contact the Media Advisor: Rui Flores (tel. +670 723 01 40 or

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Empreza lima konkorre ba esplorasaun minarai Tasi Timor nian


Díli, loron 20 fulan Abril tinan 2006

Iha kuarta-feira loron 19 fulan Abril, prazu hotu ona ba empreza minarai nian, atu hato’o sira nia proposta ba konkursu internasional, kona-ba esplorasaun minarai iha Tasi Timor ne’ebé hala’o husi Governo Timor-Leste. Hosi kontratu hamutuk 11 ne’ebé hato’o ba hodi halo konkursu públiku internasional ida ne’e, na’in 6 mak hetan proposta ba empreza minarai.

Ministériu Rekursus Naturais, Minerais i Polítika Enerjétika simu konkursu públiku hamutuk 9. Konkursu hirak ne’e, hato’o idak-idak hosi empreza hirak minarai nian no iha konsórsiu (halo klibur).

Empreza hirak ne’e hato’o propostas hanesan: ENI S.P.A, Petronas Karigati, Petróliu Brazileiru (Petrobas), GALP Esplorasaun i Produsaun Petrolífera, Reliance Industries Limited.

Zonas konsesaun ne’ebé simu resposta mak hanesan: A,B, C, E, H, K.

“ Hau haksolok tebes ho interese ne’ebé hatudu hosi kompañia internasional esplorasaun no produsaun minarain nian, ne’ebé haré ba Timor-Leste nia possibilidade. Proposta hirak ne’e hatudu katak, tasi timor mos bele halo kompetisaun internasional no Timor-Leste iha tempu badak nia laran, konsegue konkista konfiansa hosi kompañias internasionais esplorasaun no produsaun minarai nian. Rezultadu diak hosi konkursu ida ne’e, haboot liu tan hau nia konfiansa ne’ebé konforme ita haré tiha ona, ita bele hala’o mos iha tinan ida ne’e nia laran, konkursu públiku internasional ba esplorasaun minarai nian iha rai-” lia fuan hirak ne’e hato’o hosi Primeiru-Ministru no ministru Rekursus Naturais i Polítika Enerjetika, Mari Alkatiri.

Análize ba proposta hirak ne’e, sei hala’o hosi Komisaun ba Avaliasaun ne’ebé nomeia husi ministru Rekursus Naturais, Minerais no Polítika Enerjétika. Prosessu ba avaliasaun, sei buka atu identifika iha zona konsesaun ida-idak, proposta ne’ebé iha kondisaun diak liu no fó vantajen ba Timor-Leste. Sei halo avaliasaun ba proposta hirak ne’e, tuir kritériu objetivu ne’ebé estabelese tiha ona hosi matriz avaliasaun ba edital (avizu) konkursu públiku internasional nian.

Komisaun avaliasaun teinki aprezenta relatóriu kona-ba konkursu públiku ba ministru Rekursus Naturais, Minerais i Polítika Enerjétika, to’o loron 18 fulan Maiu. Relatótiu teinki hetan aprovasaun husi ministru.

Rezultadu konkursu públiku nian sei fó sai molok loron 22 fulan Maiu.

Ministru Rekursus Naturais, Minerais i Polítika Enerjétika hein atu assina kontratu hodi fahe produsaun hó sira ne’ebé mak manan iha konkursu públiku internasional, molok loron 20 fulan Juñu, tinan ida ne’e nian.

Timor-Leste nu’udar nasaun ida foun liu iha mundu, ne’ebé hetan fali restaurasaun ba nia independénsia iha fulan Maiu tinan 2002, konsegue duni menus husi tinan rua nia laran, hahú halo produsaun ba nia kampu minarai ba dala uluk, hodi nune’e hakfilak an nu’udar produtor minarai nian ida ne’ebé importante duni. Kampu Bayu-Undan ne’e, hanesan kampu dezenvolvimentu ida hamutuk hó Austrália, ne’ebé Timor-Leste simu porsentu 90% hosi direitu produsaun.

Atu reforsa tan finalidade diak ida ne’e, Governu loke tan parte signifikativa ida hosi nia zona total soberania Tasi Timor nian, ba esplorasaun no dezenvolvimentu minarai hosi emprezas ne’ebé mak iha kualidade.

Avizu ba konkursu públiku internasional, bele hetan asesu hosi internet ministériu Rekursus Naturais, Minerais i Polítika Enerjétika nian.

Hakarak atu hetan informasaun ruma tan, bele kontaktu hó asesor imprensa: Rui Flores )tel.+670 723 01 40 ka

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Institutu Timor-Leste ba Analiza no Monitor ba Dezenvolvimentu
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