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Office of the Prime Minister

22 May 2006

Timor-Leste first offshore bid round;
Prime Minister ratifies Evaluation Report from Evaluation Commission

Today the Prime Minister and Minister for Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy, Mari Alkatiri ratified the Final Report from the Evaluation Commission evaluating bids for Timor-Leste offshore Contract Areas.

The evaluation process was set up to identify the bid that offers the best conditions and advantages for Timor-Leste for each Contract Area. Bids have been evaluated according to fair, objective and transparent criteria in accordance with the Evaluation Matrix in the Final Tender Protocol and the Bidding Round Regulations, Decree Law 7/2005.

Pursuant to the Final Report of the Evaluation Commission, the Evaluation Commission has identified the following companies’ bids as the bids that offer the best conditions and advantages for the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste:



Eni S.p.A


Eni S.p.A


Eni S.p.A


Eni S.p.A


Eni S.p.A


Reliance Industries Ltd.


The above companies are thus awarded the right and are obligated to enter into a Production Sharing Contract with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy scheduled to be completed in accordance with the Final Tender Protocol and applicable regulations on 20 June 2006.

There is however a condition placed on the award of Contract Area E to Eni S.p.A.  In addition to the work programme proposed in the bid, Eni S.p.A will be requested to include a well to be drilled in Year 3 of the Production Sharing Contract to a depth of 4000m.

The bidders offered the following work programmes:

BidderENIReliancePetronas Consortium
2D seismic
3D seismic
Expl. Wells
1st 2000m
Addn. mtrs002050+1550002000180000
T-L Content

The deadline for international companies to bid for Timor-Leste offshore acreage was 19 April 2006. From the eleven contract areas available in this first bidding round, six received offers from the international companies through a total of nine bids.

The ratification decision, a summary of the proposed evaluation results and a significant summary of the Evaluation Report will be published in the Jornal da Républica and on the web site of Ministry of Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy; The Petroleum Act, Bidding Round Regulations and the Final Tender Protocol can be also found on the website.

Timor-Leste became the world’s newest nation in May 2002, and less than two years later made its debut as a significant petroleum producer with first production from the Bayu-Undan Field, a joint development with Australia pursuant to which Timor-Leste receives 90% of the state take from production.

To build on this success, the Government of Timor-Leste opened a significant portion of the nation’s offshore area to petroleum exploration and development by qualified companies.

Dili, 22 May 2006

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