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Sunrise LNG in Timor-Leste: Dreams, Realities and Challenges

A Report by La’o Hamutuk
Timor-Leste Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis

February 2008

Appendix 8: References

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The following is an alphabetical list (by author) which includes the documents referenced in the text of this report [indicated by number in square brackets at the point of reference] as well as a few other materials which provide relevant information. We have obtained electronic copies of most of them; click on the underlined title of the document to access a local PDF file or web page. All materials are in English except where otherwise noted.

The CD-ROM edition of this report, including many more references than this Oilweb CD, is available from La'o Hamutuk.

Additional information, background, supporting documents, etc. are available on the La'o Hamutuk website, which includes an index of oil-related topics.

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