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Tetum kraik


A Humanitarian and Recovery Appeal Launched in Timor-Leste

Dili – 28 March, 2008 - The United Nations and non government organisations working in Timor-Leste will launch an appeal to the donor community tomorrow for ongoing relief and recovery programs.

The Transitional Strategy and Appeal is a consolidated plan to support the most vulnerable, including internally displaced persons (IDPs) and communities at risk from natural disasters. The project areas have been identified after detailed and strategic planning by humanitarian and recovery partners in close coordination with the Government.

The total amount being appealed for is US$33.5m, compared with US$36m requested last year. While humanitarian assistance in the IDP camps continues to be critical, early recovery initiatives aimed at the creation of an enabling environment for IDPs’ return and/or resettlement have become the primary focus of the Government of Timor-Leste and its partners in 2008. The funds will be spent in three strategic areas:

  1. Continued emergency assistance in IDP camps
  2. Supporting the Government’s National Recovery Strategy in the areas of housing, security and stability, social protection, local economies and building community trust
  3. Strengthening the country’s ability to manage risk and impact from natural disasters

The total sum will contribute to 67 projects administered by six national NGOs, 13 international NGOs and eight UN Agencies, funds and programmes including the International Organisation for Migration.

The UN’s Humanitarian Coordinator for Timor-Leste, Mr. Finn Reske-Nielsen, says that funding raised through the Appeal will complement national financial resources already committed by the Government.

“The Government of Timor-Leste has committed US$ 15 million in 2008 to address IDP issues” says Mr Reske-Nielsen. “These financial resources constitute a significant and increased commitment of the Government towards these issues, however, further donor support to Government’s efforts will be valuable to help meet its shortfall”.

Mr Reske-Nielsen said that ongoing humanitarian problems that stem from the crisis in 2006 are complex and multi-dimensional with social, economic and political roots.

“There is no simple nor short-term solution, and the experience of national and international organisations along with the Government, shows that continued support to ongoing humanitarian response and recovery efforts is vital to reaching a sustainable resolution to the crisis.”

For more information please contact UNMIT Spokesperson Allison Cooper on +670 723 0453

Apelu Umanitaria no Rekuperasaun sei lansa iha Timor-Leste

Dili – 28 de Marsu 2008 – Nasoins Unidas no organizasaoens naõ govermentais ne’ebé servisu daudaun iha Timor Leste sei lansa apelu ida ba doadóres komunidade iha loron aban kona-ba programa ajudu no rekuperasaun nian.

Apelu no Estratéjia Tranzisionál nu’udar planu konsolidadu ida atu apoia liu-liu ema vuneravel sira, inklui ema dezlokadu sira ka IDPs no komunidade sira ne’ebé hetan risku husi akontesimentu dizastre naturais. Área projetu ne’e identifika tiha ona hafoin detallu no planeamentu estratéjiku husi parseiru umanitária no rekuperasaun halo kordenasaun besik ho Governu.

Totál orsamentu ne’ebé fó sai iha apelu ne’e hamutuk millaun $33.5 dolares amerikanu, kompara ho tinan kotuk hamutuk millaun $36 dolares amerikanu. Alende asisténsia umanitária ba iha kampu dezlokadu sira kontinua kritiku, inisiativa rekuperasaun fofoun nian ne’e ho objetivu hodi kria ambiente posibilidade ida ba dezlokadu sira hodi fila ba uma no/ou realokasaun ne’ebé sai ona hanesan prioridade ba Governu Timor Leste no ninia parseiru sira iha tinan 2008. fundus hirak ne’e sei gasta ba iha área estratéjiku tolu:

  1. Kontinua asisténsia emerjénsia nian ba iha kampu sira IDPs.
  2. Fó apoiu ba Governu nia Estratéjia Rekuperasaun Nasionál iha área sira hanesan harii uma, seguransa no estabilidade, protesaun sosiál, ekonómia lokál no hari’i konfiansa komunidade nian.
  3. Hametin abilidade nasaun nian hodi maneja risku no impaktu dizastre naturais.

Totál orsamentu ne’e sei kontribui ba projetu 67 ne’ebé hala’o husi ONGs 6, ONG internasionál 13 no ajensias ONU 8, fundus no programas inklui Organizasaun Internasional ba Migrasaun ka IOM.

Koordenadór Umanitária ONU ba Timor Leste, Sr. Finn Reske-Nielsen, hateten katak fundus mai husi apelu ne’e sei komplementa rekursu finansiamentu nasionál nian ne’ebé komete ona husi Governu.

“Governu Timor-Leste komete ona millaun 15 dolares amerikanu ba tinan 2008 atu fó atensaun ba kestaun IDP” Mr Reske-Nielsen dehan. “rekursu finansiamentu hirak ne’e konstitui siknifikante ida no aumenta komitmentu Governu nian hodi hasoru kestaun sira ne’e, maske nune’e, apoiu doadóres tuir mai ba esforsu Governu nian sei sai folin hodi ajuda enfrenta kestaun sira”.

Sr. Reske-Nielsen hateten katak problema umanitária ne’ebé daudaun infrenta desde krize 2006 kompleksu tebes ho dimensionál oi-oin ne’ebé bazea ba sosiál, ekonómia no politíka.

Laiha solusaun simples no kurtu-parzu, no esperiénsia organizasoens nasionál no internasionál hamutuk ho Governu, hatudu katak kontinuasaun apoiu ba hatan asisténsia umanitária no esforsus rekuperasaun ne’e importante atu atinji resolusaun sustentavel ba krize.”

Atu hatene Informasaun klean liu tan, favor kontaku portavoz Allison Cooper liu husi numeru telephone +670 723 0453

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