BAYU-UNDAN Gas Recycle Project

Project Status

17TH MAY 2002

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Drilling Commences on Bayu-Undan

Following successful installation of the Wellhead Platform, development drilling commenced 17 May, 2002. This marks the start of a program to drill 11 production and 5 gas injection wells for the Bayu-Undan field estimated to take approximately 730 days. See (LINK to DRILLING) for more details of the development drilling program.

This marks a significant milestone for the Bayu-Undan Gas Recycle project. The first phase program of design, construction and installation of the Wellhead platform in order to allow drilling to commence was essential for maintaining the overall project schedule for the Gas Recycle project.

First phase installation activities continue in the field with the installation of the infield pipelines to be followed by installation of the CPP jackets in late May/early June.




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