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As part of the site establishment effort Phillips has introduced Web-Cams onto the sites, strategically located to enable visitors to the website to view the progress of the facilities. Web-Cams are planned for all construction sites and may be extended into other contract sites as well at some future date.

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The first phase of Web-cam introduction covers the following sites :-


J. Ray McDermottJ Ray McDermott Middle East (Indian Ocean) Limited

Batam Yard, Indonesia.

1. Steel jacket for Compression, Utilities and Quarters Platform

2. Steel jacket for Drilling, Production and Processing Platform

3. Flare Tower and Bridges


Hyundai Heavy IndustriesHyundai Heavy Industries.

Ulsan, Korea

1. Compression, Utilities and Quarters Topsides

2. Drilling, Production and Processing Topsides


SembawangSembawang Marine and Offshore Engineering


Wellhead Platform and Topsides


Samsung Heavy IndustriesSamsung Heavy Industries

Koje Island, South Korea

Floating Storage and Offloading Facility

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