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Northern Territory Timor Sea Oil and Gas Factsheets

Australia's Northern Territory Office of Territory Development has published fact sheets on the various oil and gas developments in the Timor Sea, including Timor Sea Oil and Gas, Bayu-Undan field and Wickham Point LNG Plant, Greater Sunrise, Timor Sea Oilfields, Timor Sea Gas Discoveries.  

They also have PDF fact sheets on the Timor Sea and the following oil fields: Bayu-Undan,  Greater Sunrise, Buffalo Oilfield, Petrel/Tern, Elang/Kakatua, Evans Shoal.

The NT OTD has some other papers and articles which may be of interest, all PDF:

bulletMining and Energy, Northern Territory Economy book chapter 8 (May 2000)
bulletDomestic Onshore Options for Timor Sea Gas: Analysis of implications for Australia (report by ACIL for the NT Government, May 2002)
bulletOil and Gas, Northern Territory 2004: four-page pamphlet summarizing the NT's oil and gas prospects. Also 2003 version.
bulletNorthern Territory Oil and Gas 2005: 12 pages with more information.
bulletNorthern Territory Oil and Gas 2006: 20 pages with more information.

The information below may be older, from 2002 or earlier:

They also have a map. Click to enlarge:

In 1999, they published an extensive study: Opportunities for Timor Sea Gas in Northern Territory and Queensland (PDF)

Timor Sea Update (April 2002)

They have some general information sheets about general subjects:

bulletPetroleum Exploration in NT Waters, Onshore Petroleum Exploration & Production, Timor Sea

And ones about each particular oil field in the JPDA

bulletBayu Undan, Elang Kakatua, Greater Sunrise

in the contested EEZ area

bulletGreater Sunrise, Buffalo Oilfield, Laminaria

and in Australian territorial waters (these are a sampling only).

bulletEvans Shoal, Ashmore Cartier, Jabiru, Petrel-Tern, Prospective Fields

To look for updates or more information on-line with an internet connection, click here.

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The company Offshore Technology has information on the technical construction of the oilrigs which are farthest along in development.

bulletConocoPhillips' Bayu-Undan with a Specification
bulletBHP's Buffalo with a Specification
bulletWoodside's Laminaria with a Specification

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