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 Dili, 9 January 2006

Prime Minister will be present on the agreement signature with Australia

Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri, will be present Thursday, January 12, in Sydney, with Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard, at the ceremony of signature of the agreement between Timor-Leste and Australia about the petroleum resources on the Timor Sea.

The agreement – the second about the petroleum resources on the Timor Sea, this one mainly concerning the Greater Sunrise field – will be signed by the Foreign Affairs ministers of both countries, José Ramos-Horta and Alexander Downer.

After the achievement of the agreement, on the end of November 2005, Prime Minister told the journalists that this was very positive: “This is a good agreement for Timor-Leste but it is also a good agreement for Australia”, stated Mari Alkatiri. And he added: “This agreement also opens the way for the construction of a pipeline between Greater Sunrise and Timor-Leste and for the installation of a refining facility that will be the starting of petroleum activities on Timorese soil.”

With this agreement Timor-Leste and Australia will split in equal shares (50/50) the petroleum resources of Greater Sunrise. In the Joint Petroleum Development Area, Timor-Leste will continue to receive 90 per cent of the resources, and Australia 10 per cent.

The signature ceremony will take place by 3pm local time (1pm Dili). The Timorese delegation is also composed by the vice-minister for Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy, José Teixeira, and Manuel de Lemos, from the Timor Sea Office (of the Prime Minister’s Office).

Prime Minister will depart to Australia Wednesday, January 11, by 9am, and is expected to return Timor-Leste Friday, 13, by 4.45pm, at Dili’s International Airport.

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