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Appendices to La'o Hamutuk Annual Report

Calendar year 2011

LH 2011 Annual Report      Printable English PDF File

Past reports: 2011 mid-year2010 annualindex of La'o Hamutuk reports.

Table of Contents

Appendix 1: Financial report

All amounts are specified in United States dollars. La’o Hamutuk’s fiscal year is the calendar year.

The organization has a flat wage structure; both local and international staff received take-home salaries of $500 dollars per month during 2010, plus a “13th month” in December. All staff receive benefits that include health insurance, some of which is self-insurance funded from the ‘Health Reserve’ account in the balance sheet below. International staff receive one return airfare from their home country, as well as a ‘readjustment allowance’ of $200 for each month worked up to the end of the first year, payable after they finish working with La’o Hamutuk. Staff members who must move to Dili to work at La’o Hamutuk receive $200/month toward house rental costs.

In order to preserve La’o Hamutuk’s independence, we maintain our policy of not accepting contributions from institutions with a significant interest in Timor-Leste: the UN and its agencies, the World Bank, ADB, IMF, major multilateral and bilateral donors to Timor-Leste, the Timor-Leste Government, and transnational corporations operating here.

Since 2006, three generous donors have supported nearly all of La’o Hamutuk’s activities, and we are grateful for their confidence and assistance. During early 2012, events beyond our control make it unlikely that their support can continue at the same level:

  • Trocaíre decided to close all operations in Timor-Leste in 2013, in large part due to the weakened economy in Ireland. (Irish Aid is also withdrawing from this country.)

  • The Canadian government slashed their support for Development and Peace by two-thirds, including for all projects in Timor-Leste. D&P is exploring whether they can continue supporting La’o Hamutuk and other partners here with funds from their members and other sources.

  • Hivos does not usually fund the same organization for more than ten years, and they began supporting La’o Hamutuk in 2001. We hope that they will be flexible.

Therefore, La’o Hamutuk is seeking new partners, and we would like to continue the above policy.

Balance sheet

This table indicates our total cash and bank account balances at the start and end of 2011, amounts of money set aside for specific purposes, and unrestricted money available for general operations.


Total cash & bank balances

Readjustment Reserve

Health Reserve [1]

Sustainability Reserve [2]

Operational Reserve [3]

Building Fund [4]

External evaluation [5]

Unrestricted Funds

31 Dec. 2010









during 2011









during 2011









31 Dec. 2011









[1] This is a self-insurance fund set aside to pay for medical expenses for staff and their families who do not have corporate insurance. We added $4,000 to it during 2011 to cover higher health care costs and larger staff.

[2] The Sustainability Reserve is to replace and repair computers, motorcycles and other capital assets. None of this was used during 2011, although we increased the fund in anticipation of future repairs to our building and other assets.

[3] The Operational Reserve includes approximately three months’ worth of expenses, established to avoid cash flow problems. We increased it during 2011 due to higher costs, primarily resulting from inflation.

[4] This fund was established during 2007 in anticipation of the need of a new office and resource center for La’o Hamutuk, on which construction was completed during 2011, using most of the money in the fund from past years. During 2011, Trocaíre gave us $12,000 additional funding for furniture and other items for the new office, which we deposited in this Building Fund as some of it will be spent in future years.

[5] We budgeted $8,500 for an external evaluation during 2009, but the process was not completed until 2011. The total cost of the evaluation was $1,799 more than we had allocated, so we added the balance to this fund and then used it all.

Revenues received during 2011

The following table shows income received by La’o Hamutuk during 2011.

Hivos was our largest donor during 2011, but most of the money they transferred was actually due the previous year: their 2010 General Support grant and for the regional OilWatch conference we hosted in 2010.

Trocaíre gave us general support funds, as well as a special grant to furnish and equip our new office.

See expenditure list on the following page for more details.






Program grants 2010




Hivos grant due in 2010, transferred in 2011.

Project grants 2010




Hivos grant for OilWatch conference outlays during 2010, paid in 2011.

Program grants 2011




Includes Trocaíre ($46,058), Hivos ($33,971) and Development & Peace ($40,484) general support for 2011.

Project grants 2011




Trocaíre grant for office furniture





Klibur Solidariedade [6] reimbursed La’o Hamutuk  for some expenditures of Patricia Isasa’s visit (see text).

Earned by LH for services provided





The Asia Foundation paid LH $3,000 to train the Parliamentary Research Center (see text)






Sales of books and other materials




We distribute many materials at no charge.

Bank interest





Total received in 2011




Including the first two lines in this table.

Total budgeted for 2011




 Excluding the first two lines of this table.

[6] Klibur Solidariedade is the Timorese/international civil society coalition which organized several events in 2009 under the theme “Strengthening Solidarity: The Struggle for Justice Continues” during the tenth anniversary of the independence referendum. Patricia Isasa’s visit to Timor-Leste during 2011 continued campaigning and education on the same justice issues, and Klibur Solidariedade’s members and funders agreed to apply the remaining balance of Klibur Solidariedade’s funds to Patricia’s visit, which reimbursed La’o Hamutuk for most of its costs. We have written a separate report on this project.

Expenditures during 2011

The table below and graph at right shows the money budgeted and spent by La’o Hamutuk during 2011 for different aspects of our work, totaling $141,423.

Personnel costs are the largest component because the research, analysis and advocacy that form the core of our work rely on our human resources.

Some of the expenses – the external evaluation and most of the construction costs for our new building – were paid out of money received in previous years for these purposes.






Auditor 1,000 1,200200 
Bulletin5,5000(5,500)None published in 2011.
Capital equipment 15,20012,499(2,701)Some equipment purchases deferred until 2012.
Int’l conferences2,8005,5932,793Includes international costs of Patricia Isasa’s visit, $5,411 of which were
reimbursed by Klibur Solidariedade.
Personnel80,40073,269(7,131)Salaries, benefits, health costs, wage taxes, visa fees, housing allowances, etc.
Hard to find qualified new staff.
Public meetings 5,8005,276(524) 
Radio program3,3001,026(2,274)Due to contract negotiations with Radio Timor-Leste, our program was only on
state radio for two months, although community stations broadcast it.
Rent 3,6003,6000 
Resource Center1,700738(962)Some book and video purchases deferred until our new library is staffed and
better organized.
Surat Popular300206(94) 
Telephone and Internet7,3008,4821,182 
Training for staff500240(260)In-house training without costs.
Transportation2,4001,373(1,027)Fewer organizational motorcycles to fix.
Miscellaneous expenses 600513(87) 
External Evaluation8,50010,2991,799Conducted in 2011 mostly with funds received in 2009-10.
Rent, office construction & moving9,0006,815(2,185)Paid from building fund raised in past years, some rehabilitation remains to be done.



Projected budget for 2012

Expenditure Explanation
Auditor1,200Continuing with Dili-based Haksolok Consultancy
Office building1,500Maintenance, furniture and equipment for new building
Bulletin 1,900Printing, translation, distribution of two issues
Capital equipment2,500Computers, motorcycles, appliances etc.
Int’l conferences1,500Non-reimbursed costs to attend international conferences
Operations7,200Electricity, supplies, photocopying, bank fees, advertising etc.
Personnel90,500Salaries, wage tax, visa fees, health insurance, transport for international staff, housing allowance, readjustment.
Effective at the beginning of 2012, we increased staff salaries from $500 to $600 per month, a 20% increase.  This was the first raise in three years, and partially compensates for the escalating cost of living. (During 2011, the Consumer Price Index in Dili increased by 17.4%.)
Public meetings3,200Space rental, publicity, refreshments
Radio & TV programs1,800Production costs and fuel for community radio stations and TVTL
Office rent5,100 
Research3,300Travel and housing in Timor-Leste to conduct field research
Resource Center1,200Books, videos, and other materials
Surat Popular900Popular education publication
Telephone and internet8,800 
Training for staff900Language and other classes
Transportation1,400Transport and motorcycle maintenance, in Dili and nearby
Miscellaneous expenses1,000Contributions to issue-based campaigns and other small costs
Revenues Explanation
Earned by LH 5,000Training, consulting, writing papers, etc.
General support grants128,000We hope for funding from Hivos, Trocaíre and Development & Peace, and may seek new donors
Project grants --Not budgeted. We may seek special funding for specific projects as they arise.
Bank interest400 
Sales300Sale of books, DVD-ROMS, and other materials produced by La’o Hamutuk
Donations and other200 

Appendix 2: Media coverage of La'o Hamutuk

La’o Hamutuk is frequently interviewed by journalists and international organizations to provide background information, comment on current events, or share findings from our research.

This lists some of the coverage of La’o Hamutuk’s work in local and international media during 2011, as well as articles by La’o Hamutuk staff published elsewhere. It leaves out publications not in English or Tetum, and does not include many of our articles or releases which were copied or referenced by on-line publications and websites.






3 Jan

Move to break impasse over Timor Sea gas supply

SMH & Age (reposted many places)

Lindsay Murdoch

Quotes LH submission & website

14,15,17 Jan

Graph on 2011 state budget

Timor Post


Uses budget graph from LH

14 Jan

The government ramps up spending in the 2011 budget

Economist Intelligence Unit


Quotes “The government’s 2011 budget has faced criticism, notably from an influential local NGO, La’o Hamutuk, which monitors the activities of government agencies.” About overspending ESI and carrying it over from one year to the next.

18-19 Jan

Graph on imports and exports

Timor Post


Uses trade graph from LH

18-19 Jan

Graph on cash balance

Timor Post


Uses graph from LH

19 Jan

Asuntu kona ba Rai Brimob

Television Timor-Leste (TVTL)     

Inês Martins

Coverage on evening news

19 Jan

Asuntu Lei ba rai

Radio Timor-Leste (RTL                

Inês Martins

Coverage on evening news

20 Jan

La’o Hamutuk halo Diskusaun Sobre Lei ba Rai

Timor Post


Coverage of LH public meeting

20 Jan

TL Atu Hari Kompania Petronatil, Charles: “Labele iha Influensa politiku”

Diario Nasional


Interview with Charles Scheiner

20 Jan

TL bele Aprende Dezenvolvimentu Petroleu husi Norwegia



Interview with Charles Scheiner

20 Jan

Lei Fraku, Mafia sei Domina Rai

Timor Post


Interview with Inês Martins

22-23 Jan

One Square Mile, Dili, East Timor

BBC World television documentary series


Interview with Charles Scheiner on resource curse. LH arranged for the film crew to visit the Comoro land dispute and interview participants.

25 Jan

Timor-Leste left in the dark as one billion dollars snatched from its petroleum fund

Media release


Quotes LH letter to the IMF on lack of budget transparency.


East Timor draft Environmental Laws

Environmental Defender’s Office ACT (Canberra, Australia) Newsletter

Paraphrased from LH blog

Reprinted our ask for help in writing LH submission on basic environmental law


Understanding the 2011 budget

Tempo Semanál


Graphs and article by LH

11 Feb

Presiza atu Respeita Prinsipiu Konstitusional ba Knar Prezidente Repúblika

Timor Post and Diario Nasional

Juvinal Dias

Article by LH staff

18 Feb

Foreign Aid Revisited: A Case Study of Timor-Leste

Tempo Semanál blog

Guteriano Neves

Reprinting presentation given at EWC International Student Conference, cites LH information


A reliable partner: Strengthening Australia – Timor-Leste relations

Report from Australian Strategic Policy Inst.


Uses LH map of TL maritime boundary rights


Timor Leste and the g7+: A new approach to the security and development aid nexus

IPRIS Lusophone countries bulletin

Kai Thaler

Cites LH briefing paper on how much aid to TL comes into local economy

4 April

The 2011 budget contains plans for a huge rise in spending

Economist intelligence Unit


Cites ‘La’o Hamutuk, an influential local non-governmental organisation (NGO) that monitors the activities of government agencies, claiming that the elevated levels of planned spending are “unwise and unsustainable”.’

24 April

World Bank admits Timor-Leste faults

Lost Boy blog

Matt Crook

Cites LH on World Bank internal evaluation

29 April

Challenges of managing expectations of newly emerging oil and gas producers of the south

Journal of World Energy Law & Business

John O. Kakonge

Cites LH Sunrise report on expectations of Timorese citizens from oil and gas resources


Timor-Leste Human Development Report 2011: Managing Natural Resources for Human Development Developing the Non-oil Economy to Achieve the MDGS

Book published by UNDP


Draws extensively on LH comments and background paper; cites heavy oil information from LH


Timor-Leste Country Program, Evaluation 2000-2010

Report by WB


Cites LH estimate of 89% of international aid to TL not entering local economy.

10 May

Transparency and the UNDP Timor-Leste Human Development Report 2011

RDTL gov’t press release

Agio Pereira

Challenges LH involvement in UNDP Human Development Report

23 May

Razaun Atu Kontra Tama ASEAN: Perspetiva Polítika Ekonomia Ida

Tempo Semanál

Guteriano Neves

By past and future LH staff

3 June

Mosu Timor Gap, PR Horta Simu Dokumentus Kontra

Diario Nasional


Quotes President considering LH’s concerns about the national oil company decree-law.

8 June

Woodside’s ‘cowboy’ tactics led to ETimor standoff: insider

ABC Radio Australia

Liam Cochrane

Interview with Mandy Whyte prompted by article published by La’o Hamutuk

20 June

Timor: Where Has All the Aid Gone?

Foreign Policy In Focus

Guteriano Neves

By past and future LH staff; cites LH estimates on aid entering local economy

4 July

SERN guarantees Timor Gap will not engage in corruption



Interviews Juvinal Dias

7 July

La’o Hamutuk calls on Government to use Greater Sunrise for future generations



Interviews Juvinal Dias

12 July

Governu tenke jere rasik orsamentu husi Doadores

Diario Nasional


Interviews Juvinal Dias

12 July

E. Timor aid effectiveness must improve – civil society group

Reuters AlertNet

Thin Lei Win

Based on LH observations to Development Partners Meeting


EITI & Transparency in Timor-Leste

WB video on EITI

CPA for World Bank

Interviews Charles Scheiner

26 Aug

Timor’s Oil: Blessing or Curse?

Foreign Policy In Focus

Guteriano Neves

By past and future LH staff

29 Aug

La’o Hamutuk kongratula Governu

Diario Nasional


Uses LH statement

29 Aug

EITI halo Mundu kunyese Timor Leste

Diario Nasional


Uses LH statement

30 Aug

Timor-Leste weighs ASEAN membership

The Irrawaddy

Simon Roughneen

Quotes Juvinal Dias on lack of non-oil economy

9 Sept

Transparansia Instituisional iha Rai laran ladauk pratika

Business Timor


Interview with LH Natural Resources Team

9 Sept

Lei Hatur klaru Timor Leste halo emprestimu

Business Timor


Interview with LH Natural Resources Team

10 Sept

La’o Hamutuk lansa Relatorio peskija ba matenek agrikultura

Timor Post


Interviews Mariano Ferreira

10-22 Sept

Timor Leste tenke nafatin livre husi Deve

Timor Post


Short article (“Carta”) by LH (published five times)

11 Sept

International anti-debt statement summarized or reprinted in many places



LH co-organized this with ETAN

22 Sept

The great game of Greater Sunrise

Petroleum Economist

Damon Evans

Quotes LH report on Sunrise, Guteriano Neves on resource curse

23 Sept

Communities left in dark over controversial power plant


Brendan Brady

Cites LH on cost and over-prioritization of heavy oil power plant

28 Sept

East Timor: Tasi Mane Petroleum Infrastructure Project

Global Voices

Mong Palatino

Draws extensively from LH web page on Tasi Mane

28 Sept

Deve no Problema sira ba Timor-Leste (published in two parts)

Diário Nasional

Guteriano Neves

By LH staff

29 Sept

Aid and Independence

The Diplomat

Simon Roughneen

Cites LH on aid spent in-country; quote Charles Scheiner on military preoccupation

7 Oct

Fresh steps to creating a national oil company



Quotes extensively from LH.

15 Oct

TL La Presiza Impresta Osan



Interview with Charles Scheiner

19 Oct

Observers divided over oil fund investment


Brendan Brady

inks to LH website, and incorporates a lot of information from LH.

29 Oct

Visita Aktivista Patricia Isasa iha TL, hodi hakotu korenti impunidade

Diario Nasional


Interview with Inês Martins

31 Oct, 16-17 Nov, 1 Dec

Orsamentu Jeral Estadu 2012 ha’belit liu tan Malisan Rekursu ba Timor-Leste

Tempo Semanál, Independente, STL

Juvinal Dias

By LH staff

1 Nov, 9 Nov

Compañia Investimentu Timor-Leste (CITL), investe ka fakar osan?

STL, Timor Post

Juvinal Dias

By LH staff

4 Nov

Patricia Isasa Fahe Esperensia ba ANTI

Timor Post


Information on LH activity

12 Nov


Tempo Semanal

Juvinal Dias

Short article by LH on Timor-Leste Investment Company

13 Nov

East Timor’s Santa Cruz massacre 20 years on – reflections on an atrocity

Pacific Scoop


Speech by Charles Scheiner to university students

14 Nov

East Timor: Budget Deliberations

Global Voices

Mong Palatino

Cites LH information on state budget, also in Malagasy

15 Nov

TL Lapresiza Impresta osan

Diario Nasional


Interview with Charles Scheiner

22 Nov.

Planu Asaun MAP 2012: Hasa’e rendimentu ka hasa’e dependensia

Timor Post

Maximus Tahu

By LH staff

24-25 Nov.

Aprova Deve, Parlamentu Tara Tiha Naha Todan Ba Jerasaun Futuru

Timor Post

Juvinal Dias

By LH staff

12 Dec

Forum Altu Nivel Busan, TL maka istoria iha Mundu nia Futar matan

Diario Nasional


Interview with Guteriano Neves

Appendix 3: Presentations and programs given or organized by La'o Hamutuk

During 2011, La’o Hamutuk organized and provided speakers for many events, as well as conducting several trainings.




Event / audience

Should Timor-Leste go in to debt?


Charles Scheiner

Institute of Business student body

Land Laws and their impact on community land


Eusebio Guteres (Laifet), Bernado Almeida (Min. Justice),
Deometrio Amaral  (Haburas), Agnes Bere & Almerio Lopes (UNMIT)

La’o Hamutuk public meeting

Food Sovereignty


Ego Lemos (Permatil)

Training for journalists from most national media

The Risk of Corruption and the Resource Curse Comes with
Dependency on Exporting Oil


Charles Scheiner

Anti-Corruption Commission’s Strategic Planning conference

How to Analyze the State Budget

April (3 days)

Charles Scheiner & Juvinal Dias

Training for Fundasaun Mahein and other civil society organizations

How Alternative Energy Can Contribute to Development


Demetrio de Amaral (Haburas) and Rui Pinto (academia)

La’o Hamutuk public meeting

UNDP National Human Development Report


Charles Scheiner (on panel)

Launch of UNDP National Human Development Report at Presidential Palace

Basic economic issues in Timor-Leste


Charles Scheiner & Juvinal Dias

Visiting delegation from The Asia Foundation, Korea

Important Issues in the State Budget

June (3 days)

Charles Scheiner & Juvinal Dias

Training for Parliamentary Research Center (contracted by The Asia Foundation)

Impaktu Lei ba Rai


Inês Martins

Community in Bazartete

Timor-Leste’s Economy and State Budget


Presentation by Charles Scheiner

Academic conference by UNTL/Victoria University

OilWatch International conference


Juvinal Dias

OilWatch international conference, Quito, Ecuador

Timor-Leste current situation


Juvinal Dias

ETAN activists and others, New York, USA

Climate Justice conference


Maximus Tahu

CJN activists, Thailand

Policies and plans to develop seeds in Timor-Leste


Agriculture Team

Civil society at FONGTIL

Commemorate Kraras massacre


Justice Team

Human rights activists and students

Launching of LH report on consultations with farmers in districts


Rogerio Viegas (HAK Association), Mariano Ferreira

Civil society at HAK

Four film showings about Patricia Isasa’s struggle for justice


Justice Team

Students of DIT, UNDIL, UNPAS, UNTL.
Also broadcast nationally on TVTL.

The long struggle against impunity


Inês Martins and Patricia Isasa (Argentinian activist)

NGO’s and victims associations in Dili, Maliana, Suai and Liquiçá.

Speaker at Santa Cruz massacre commemoration


Juvinal Dias

Baucau student/youth organization

Speaker at Santa Cruz massacre commemoration


Charles Scheiner

University students at UNDIL

Training on State Budget


Juvinal Dias

CBOs-NGOs based in Liquiçá

Busan High Level Conference on Aid Effectiveness


Guteriano Neves

Work together with The Asia Foundation

Towards a Green Economy and Sustainable Development


Alexandra Arnassalon on panel

UNDP/MED workshop preparing for Rio+20

Timor-Leste’s Economy and State Budget


Presentation by Charles Scheiner

“Brown-bag” lunch discussion for U.S. government personnel

Appendix 4: Submissions and testimony by La'o Hamutuk

During 2011, we participated or wrote submissions to public consultations, conferences and decision-makers, in addition to informal or bilateral meetings with people developing policies.





Proposed 2011 State Budget


Hearing by Parliament Committee C

Letter following up on hearing and our submission in 2010

Proposed 2011 State Budget


Asking President to veto

Letter to President Jose Ramos-Horta

Basic Environmental Law


Consultation by National Directorate for the Environment, Ministry of Economy and Development

Submission and section-by-section analysis

Timor-Leste Country Chapter in OECD survey to monitor implementation of the Fragile States Principles


Consultation by DNAE, Ministry of Finance and OECD

Requested comments on draft country paper

Draft Decree-Law creating national oil company

May and June

Asking President to veto TimorGAP Decree-law

Letter to President Jose Ramos-Horta, followed by requested submission

Draft Anti-Corruption Law


Parliament Committee C

Submission and testimony at hearing (Tetum)

2011 Timor-Leste and Development Partners Meeting


Annual meeting of Timor-Leste and Development Partners

Observations distributed to meeting participants

Strategic Development Plan


Rushed Parliamentary approval of Strategic Development Plan

Preliminary analysis distributed to Parliament

Regional EITI Conference


EITI Regional Conference organized by State Secretariat for Natural Resources/Ministry of Finance

Paper distributed to conference participants

Draft Land Law


Parliament Committee A

Submission (Tetum)

Draft Expropriation Law


Parliament Committee A

Submission (Tetum)

Basic Environmental Law (second consultation)


Consultation by National Directorate for the Environment, Ministry of Economy and Development

Submission on revised draft law

2012 State Budget


Parliament Committee C

Testimony & submission

Opinion of Appeals Court on General State Accounts for 2010


Parliament Committee C


UNMIT’s work on justice and sustainable development


UN Security Council members

Letter prior to meeting

2012 State Budget


President of the Republic

Letter urging careful consideration before signing

Appendix 5: La'o Hamutuk Blog

The most substantive postings on our blog ( during 2011 include the following; many are also in Tetum.




LH responds to Parliament’s questions on 2011 budget


IMF dialogue with LH to continue ... if the government permits


Budget debate starts in PN plenary


Allocate yesterday, spend tomorrow


Parliament increases 2011 budget by $320 million


President sends 2011 budget to court, as LH suggested


Respect the Constitutional Principles of the President’s Duties


Executing and allocating Timor-Leste’s Budget


LH Submission on draft Basic Environmental Law


Corruption and the Resource Curse in Timor-Leste


IMF report discusses critical economic issues


Heavy Oil project collapsing under its own weight


Public Meeting on Alternative Energy Law


UNDP National Human Development Report released


LH fó treinamentu kona-ba Orsamentu Jeral Estadu


Celebrate/Selebra LH’s new office no aniversariu


Former Woodside rep blames their “blundering arrogance” for Sunrise impasse


Audit confirms problems with electricity project


LH asks President to weigh TimorGAP’s risks and legality


LH submisaun kona-ba Lei Anti-Korrupsaun


Is China aiding Timor-Leste, or vice versa?


Strategic Development Plan & proposed laws online


LH comment on Strategic Development Plan


LH observations for Donors’ Conference


Thoughts for the regional EITI Conference in Dili


Wikileaks: U.S. Govt and Timor-Leste


Valuing Farmers’ Words and Wisdom


SERN seeks consultant to write Tasi Mane EIA


Cleaning the glass on the Procurement Portal


Comment on Basic Environment Law, Take 2


Argentina justice activist to visit Timor-Leste


Key issues in the 2012 State Budget


Highway dreams -- and their costs


LH to PN: 2012 Budget proves the Resource Curse is here


Public Meeting/Enkontru Publiku with Patricia Isasa


Acting Audit Court reviews 2010 State Accounts


TL unchanged in 2011 UNDP Human Development Index


Reflections 20 years after the Santa Cruz demonstration


LH asks Security Council to consider justice and sustainable development


TL rejects US rejection of UNESCO


Parliament rejects TL Investment Company


New MCC scorecard shows mixed results


Parliament passes $1.7 billion 2012 State Budget


CPI2: Perceptions of corruption, inflation increase in Timor-Leste

Appendix 6: Staff and Advisory Board Biographies

At the close of 2011, La’o Hamutuk staff included seven full-time Timorese and two foreigners, three women and six men. Our staff is non-hierarchical and makes decisions collectively, with two rotating coordinators. Staff share administrative and program responsibilities and work together to transfer skills. The following people were on our staff during most of 2011:

Alexandra Arnassalon

Alexandra was born and grew-up in Paris, and comes from the French West Indies. She holds a Master Degree in Economic Analysis and Sustainable Development. Alex speaks French, English, Indonesian, Spanish, Creole, and some Tetum and Greek. Before joining La’o Hamutuk, she worked as a translator and free-lance researcher in Paris, volunteered in Madagascar and in Indonesia, and interned with the WWF in Sulawesi. She joined La’o Hamutuk in August 2011 and works on agriculture, land, poverty and sustainable development.

Juvinal Dias

Juvinal studied in Agriculture at the National University of Timor Leste. He was born in Tutuala, and is fluent in Fatuluku, Tetum, Indonesian and English. Since 2006, he did voluntary popular education on domestic violence with the Association of Men Against Violence and served as Project Manager at the Bibi Bulak theatre group. Juvinal joined LH in 2009, and works on Natural Resources, Economy and Governance and is on our donor relations Team. In 2011 Juvinal participated in the OilWatch Conference in Ecuador and in a meeting in Cambodia on Systematization of Experience.

Mariano Ferreira

Mariano studied economic management at the University Negeri Jember in Indonesia. Born in Dili, Mariano is fluent in Tetum, Indonesian and some English. During his youth, Mariano worked as a fisherman and sold food to market stalls. Since 2003, Mariano was on the Board of Hasatil, and he worked at the HAK Association, focusing on fisherfolk and researching agriculture. Mariano joined La’o Hamutuk in 2009, where he works on agriculture and justice.

Celestino Gusmão

Celestino is from Baucau and studied in public administration at National University of Timor-Leste. He was born in Laga-Baucau. Atino joined La’o Hamutuk in September 2011, and focuses on justice and democracy. He also our focal point in the National Alliance for International Tribunal (ANTI).

Inês Martins

Inês was studying economics at the University of Timor Leste before the Indonesian military destroyed it in September 1999. Born in Bobonaro, Inês is fluent in Tetum, Portuguese and Indonesian, and is learning English. Inês has worked with La’o Hamutuk since May 2000, researching many issues including Portuguese and Cuban assistance and the coffee sector. She participated in exchanges to Brazil in 2001 and 2007 and to Cuba in 2003. Inês currently works on agriculture research, land rights, justice and our radio program.

Odete Moniz

Odete joined La’o Hamutuk in 2007 as office manager and finance manager. She previously worked as finance auditor in Regional Inspectoral (before independence), finance and administration in Espada and the NGO Forum Working Group on Voters Education. She is completing courses at the International Institute of Business. Odete speaks Tetum, Indonesian and Bunak. Odete is responsible for day-to-day office management, bookkeeping and financial oversight.

Guteriano Nicolau Soares Neves

Guteriano was born in Laclubar, Manatuto. He studied international relations at Dili University and was on LH staff for three years before receiving a scholarship in 2008 to study at the University of Hawaii. After receiving his Bachelor’s, Gute returned to LH in August 2011 to work on economic development, and foreign aid. He speaks Tetum, Indonesian, English, Portuguese and Idate. In 2011, Gute participated in The Asia Foundation fellowship in Seoul and researched South Korea’s development. He also took part in the Civil Society and the Fourth High Level Fora on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, South Korea.

José Pereira

José was born in Liquiçá in 1974. He finished his Bachelor Degree in International Relations at Minho University, Portugal in 2007. Previously, he worked in FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations) as a National Consultant for an Avian Influenza campaign. José speaks and writes Tokodede, Tetum, Portuguese, English and Indonesian and can understand and speak some Spanish and Tagalog. He joined La’o Hamutuk in October 2010 and worked on governance and justice, leaving in October 2011.

Charles Scheiner

An engineer and long-time Timor-Leste solidarity activist, Charlie worked at La’o Hamutuk in Dili from 2001 until 2004. After alternating between New York and Dili for a few years and working part-time for La’o Hamutuk, Charlie returned to work full-time in 2007. He speaks English, Tetum and some French and Spanish. Charlie’s main foci are natural resources, economics, justice, international solidarity and governance, as well as finances, website and blog.

Maximus Tahu

Maxi was born in Seloi Kraik, Aileu district. He studied philosophy and theology in Dili Major Seminary for three years. Maxi joined La’o Hamutuk in 2007, having previously worked at Radio Timor Kmanek (RTK). Maxi speaks Tetum, Mamba’e, Indonesian, Portuguese, and English. Maxi works on agriculture, climate change, governance, trade, personnel and coordinates our radio program. During 2011, he participated in the UNDP Regional Policy Dialogue on Inequality and Obstacles to Human Development in Singapore. Maxi won a scholarship for graduate studies and left LH for Australia in 2012.

Advisory Board

Selma Hayati

An Indonesian human rights activist, Selma has worked in Timor-Leste since 2001, including with Concern, Care, Oxfam, La’o Hamutuk (2003-2004), NGO Forum and UNTAET. In 2008-9 Selma worked as a Political Affairs Officer in UNMIT, and is a member of Action Asia on Conflict Transformation. In 2010 she was a National Consultant for UNDP-Government NAPA project, has worked short-term with Fokupers, JSMP and other organizations, and is currently CAFOD’s representative in Timor-Leste. Selma writes articles and poetry.

Joseph Nevins

During 1999, Joe served in Dili as one of the coordinators of the IFET Observer Project, and had visited Timor-Leste three times previously. He volunteered with La’o Hamutuk in Dili during the 2000, 2001 and 2005. Joe has written three books and numerous articles on Timor-Leste, including A Not-So Distant Horror: Mass Violence in East Timor, published in 2005. After teaching at UCLA and Berkeley, Joe has been a professor of geography at Vassar College, USA since 2003.

Justino da Silva

Justino da Silva was born in Hato-udo, Ainaro district. Justino worked as facilitator for Civic Education in UNTAET and for the National Democratic Institute (NDI). He was leader of the Advocacy Division of the Timor-Leste NGO Forum (Fongtil) until mid-2008, program manager in Concern until 2010, and now works for Save the Children, although he remains involved in civic education, research and advocacy conducted by Fongtil and its members, and was recently elected President of FONGTIL’s Board of Directors.

Oscar da Silva

Oscar da Silva was born in Uatu-karbau, Viqueque District, works as a consultant for UNDESA (UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs) and teaches Social Economics at the National University of Timor-Leste. He previously worked for Association HAK and HASATIL. He designed the Community Development Concept Plan and Community Action Plan which were implemented in Laclo (Manatuto District), Laulara (Aileu District) and Ataúro (Dili District).

Pamela Sexton

From the USA, Pamela has extensive experience in Indonesia and Timor-Leste. In 1999, she was U.S. coordinator for the IFET Observer Project, and observed the referendum in Suai. In May 2000, Pam helped set up La’o Hamutuk and served on our staff until 2002, focusing on popular education, gender issues, and international exchanges. When Pam returned to California, she became a member of our board, returning to Timor-Leste for most of 2009 (working in the Ministry of Social Solidarity), and again in 2010 to help us finalize Internal Policies and improve sustainability.

Adérito de Jesus Soares (on leave)

Adérito is a lawyer and human rights advocate. Born in Maliana, Adérito has served as director for ELSAM, a Jakarta-based human rights organization. In 2002, Adérito was elected to Timor-Leste’s Constituent Assembly where he took a leading role writing the Constitution. He resigned from Parliament to study at New York University. He returned to Dili in 2003, and left in 2006 for a Ph.D. program at Australian National University. In 2010, Adérito returned to Timor-Leste to head the Anti-Corruption Commission, and has taken a leave of absence from La’o Hamutuk’s board.

Santina Soares

Santi was born in Beaçu, Viqueque district. She graduated from the Social Welfare University in Bandung. On returning to Timor-Leste in 2002, she volunteered at the Denore Foundation and worked at the Peace and Democracy Foundation. She was on La’o Hamutuk’s staff from 2005- 2008, before joining the Government’s Sunrise LNG Taskforce. In 2010, she completed her Masters on gender and development studies at Asian Institute of Technology development in Thailand and now works as a program manager in UN Women.


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