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Covid-19 State of Emergency: 2020-2021
Estadu Emerjénsia Covid-19: 2020-2021

28 Marsu 2020.  Atualiza iha 26 May 2021

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Ba kraik atu hare fulan 2020: Marsu Abril Maiu Junu Jullu Setembru  
                2021: Janeiru  Marsu  Abril

In order to respond to the threat from the Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) coronavirus pandemic, Timor-Leste has declared a State of Emergency. La'o Hamutuk is posting relevant documents here to make it easier to access information. The language(s) of each document is indicated in parentheses after the link, as (E)nglish, (P)ortuguese or (T)etum. When both E and T are available, Tetum documents are linked to from the right side of this page.

We are not trying to duplicate the work of others to distribute information on the virus itself, as there are good Facebook or web pages from the Government(ETP), the Ministry of Health(FB/T), the World Health Organization (WHO- ET), Lusa(PT), Antonio Sampaio(FB/P), Tatoli(TE), FONGTIL(FB/T) and others. The government has a website specifically on Covid-19(ETP).

Atu responde ba ameasa husi pandemia virus Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2), Estadu Timor-Leste deklara ona Estadu emerjénsia. La'o Hamutuk tau dokumentu sira relevante iha ne'e atu fasilita asesu ba informasaun. Kada dokumentu nia lian (sira) hetan indikasaun iha parénteze hafoin ligasaun, hanesan E(Ingles), (P)ortugés ka (T)etum. Karik ami hetan T no E, dokumentu iha Ingles hetan ligasaun husu sorin karuk iha pájina ida ne'e.

Ami lakohi duplu servisu ne'ebé instituisaun seluk halo atu fahe informasaun kona-ba moras ne'e, tanba iha pájina di'ak iha Internet ka Facebook husi Governu(T), Ministériu Saúde (FB/T), Organizasaun Mundial Saúde (OMS/WHO-ET), Lusa(TP), Antonio Sampaio(FB/P), Tatoli(T), FONGTIL(FB/T) no sst. Governu iha website particularmente kona-ba Covid-19(ETP).






  • On 5 May, the Ministry of Social Solidarity issued Diploma 17/2020(P) with procedures and forms for extraordinary enrollment of new workers in the contributory Social Security sistem.

  • The Council of Ministers met three times during the first week of May, and on 8 May the Prime Minister's website published a list(T) of Government actions to address the socio-economic impact of measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The Government also published tables(P) detailing how the Covid-19 Fund will be allocated.
    On 8 May, the Ministry of Public Works issued a Dispatch(P) on how people will get support for electricity and water.

  • On 9 May, the Ministry of Social Solidarity wrote another Diploma(PT) (official(P)) on the process for financial support for households.

  • On 12 May, Government Resolution 13/2020(P) explained the amounts of supplementary pay for essential workers, retroactive from 28 March.

  • On 14-18 May, La'o Hamutuk participated in a civil society team to look into the situation on the land border with Indonesia, and they issued a press release(E) on 22 May.

  • On 18-19 May, Parliamentary order crumbled, with CNRT Members damaging the Parliamentary President's desk and attempting to prevent other MPs from electing a new President. On 19 May, non-CNRT members elected(P) Fretilin's Aniceto Guterres Lopes as President, although CNRT is challenging the election in court.

  • On 22 May, the Prime Minister issued dispatches(P) to allow named foreigners into Timor-Leste and to use state vehicles for household monetary support.

  • On 25 May, the Government restructured itself(P), and CNRT instructed all its Ministers to resign. List of new Government members.

  • On 25 May, the Council of Ministers asked President Lu Olo to extend the State of Emergency for another 30 days, and on 26 May, the President wrote a letter(P) (T) to Parliament (summary(PTE)) to that effect.

  • On 27 May, Parliament voted 40-1 to enact a Law(P) authorizing the President to extend the State of Emergency until 26 June, (press releases from the Prime Minister(T) and Parliament(T)). This third phase is less restrictive, and focuses on international travel, travel within the country, and quarantine/isolation when appropriate. The President issued(T) Decree 35/2020(P) to declare the extension.

  • On 27 May, the Council of Ministers adopted Decree-law 19/2020(P) revising the regulations for the Covid-19 Fund, and established a CIGC Situation Room, while the Ministry of Justice temporarily exempted rent payments for public property.

  • On 28 May, the Human Rights Defenders Network issued a Report on their Observations(E) during the second phase of the State of Emergency. On 9 June, the Provedor's office reported(T) on their monitoring.

  • On 29 May, the Council of Ministers approved Government Decree 9/2020 of 29 May(E) (P) spelling out the means of executing the third month of the State of Emergency. The Prime Minister issued four dispatches(P) nominating specific personnel.


  • Iha loron 5 Maiu, Ministériu Solidariedade Sosiál fó sai Diploma 17/2020(T) ho prosedimentu no formuláriu ba inskrisaun estraordináriu iha regime kontributivu ba Seguransa Sosiál.

  • Konsellu Ministru hasoru malu dala tolu durante semana uluk iha fulan Maiu, no iha loron 8 Maiu, Primeiru Ministru nia website publika lista(T) asaun/medida Governu nian hodi hatán ba efeitu sósiu ekonómiku ne’ebé povu hasoru durante propagasaun surtu Covid-19, no tabela sira(P) ho inforamasaun kona-ba alokasaun sira husi Fundu Covid-19.
    Iha loron 8 Maiu, Ministériu Obras Publika fó sai Despaxu(P) ida kona ba apoiu ba komunidade ho eletrisidade no bee.

  • Iha loron 9 Maiu, Ministériu Solidariedade Sosiál fó sai Diploma(PT) (ofisial(P)) ida tan kona-ba prosesu atu hetan apoiu finansiál ba uma-kain sira.

  • Iha loron 12 Maiu, Rezolusaun Governu 13/2020(P) fó montante remunerasaun suplementariu ba traballadór esensiál sira, retroativa husi loron 28 Marsu.

  • Iha loron 14-18 fulan Maiu, La'o Hamutuk no reprezentante sira husi sosiedade sivíl halo peskiza besik fronteira terestre ho Indonézia, no fó sai komunikadu imprensa(T) iha konferénsia imprensa iha loron 22 Maiu.

  • Iha loron 18-19 fulan Maiu 2020, iha runguranga iha Parlamentu nia laran, no Deputadu sira husi CNRT estraga meza Prezidente nian no koko prevene deputadu/a sira seluk atu hili Prezidente foun. Iha loron 19 Maiu, Deputadu/a sira husi PLP, Fretilin, Khunto no PD eleitu(P) Aniceto Guterres Lopes husi Fretilin hanesan Prezidente, maske CNRT halo rekursu ba tribunal atu kansela desizaun ne’e.

  • Iha loron 22 Maiu, Primeiru Ministru fó sai despaxu(P) tolu atu permite estrangeiru sira atu tama iha Timor-Leste no atu uza veikulu estadu sira atu fahe apoiu monetariu ba uma kain sira

  • Iha loron 25 Maiu, Governu altera dekretu-lei orgánika(P) ne’ebé define estrutura Governu nian, no partidu CNRT hatete katak Ministru sira hotu husi CNRT tenke resigna-an. Lista membru foun iha Governu.

  • Iha loron 25 Maiu, Konsellu Ministru husu Prezidente Lu Olo atu prolonga Estadu Emerjénsia ba loron 30 tan, no iha loron 26 Maiu, Prezidente hakerek karta(T) ba Parlamentu (sumariu(PTE)) atu husu autorizasaun ba prolongasaun.

  • Iha loron 27 Maiu, Parlamentu Nasional vota 40-1 atu aprova Lei(P) ne’ebé autoriza Prezidente atu deklara Estadu Emerjénsia too loron 26 Juñu (komunikadu imprensa husi Primeiru Ministru(T) no Parlamentu(T)). Faze ida ne’e hamenus restrisaun, no foka ba viajen internasionál, sirkulasaun iha país, no kuarentena/izolasaun bainhira nesesáriu. Prezidente fó sai(T) Dekretu 35/2020(P) atu deklara EE ba fulan ida tan.

  • Iha loron 27 Maiu, Konsellu Ministru aprova Decretu-lei 19/2020(P) ne’ebé altera regulasaun sira ba Fundu Covid-19, no estabelese Sala Situasaun ba CIGC, no Ministeriu Justisa fo isensaun ba pagamentu de renda ba rai estadu nian.

  • Iha loron 28 Maiu, Rede Defensór Direitus Umanus fó sai Relatóriu Observasaun Jerál ba Implementasaun Estadu Emerjénsia Segundu(T). Iha loron 9 Juñu, Provedoria fó sai Relatóriu(T) ida kona ba sira nia monitorizasaun.

  • Iha loron 29 Maiu, Konsellu Ministru aprova Dekretu Governu 9/2020 de 29 Maiu(P) ho medidas ezekusaun Estadu Emerjénsia foun. Primeiru Ministru fó sai dispaxu haat(P) atu nomeia ema ba kargu espesifiku.




  • On 6 July, La'o Hamutuk wrote a letter to Rui Gomes, chair of the Economic Recovery Commission, to follow up on our discussion with him.

  • On 27 July, President Lu-Olo vetoed a decree-law approved by the Council of Ministers on 17 June to establish a Legal Regime for Epidemiological and Health Surveillance. On the advice of the Court of Appeal, the President decided that the decree-law was an unconstitutional violation of fundamental freedoms which could only be done by the National Parliament. As a result, Timor-Leste currently has no legal basis for requiring quarantine or restricting travel.

  • On 28 July, the Management Council for the Covid-19 Fund released a report on budget execution(P) through 24 July, showing that they had spent $103 million of the $220 million allocated to the Fund.

  • On 4 August, Rui Gomes presented a summary of the post-COVID Economic Recovery Plan(P) to a Budget Seminar. The plan(E) (also P or Indonesian) was approved by the Council of Ministers on 12 August.

  • On 4 August, Timor-Leste identified the first person to test positive for Covid-19 since April, an Indonesian citizen who has been in quarantine since he flew in 22 July. He has since recovered.

  • On 5 August, following a request from the Government and authorization by the Permanent Committee of the recessed Parliament, President Lu-Olo declared another State of Emergency effective immediately until 4 September. As before, it restricts international and domestic travel, and enables mandatory quarantine. The President also addressed the public.

  • On 6 August, the Government issued Decree 10/2020 (also P) to spell out the measures for the new State of Emergency.

  • On 11 August, Parliament held an extraordinary plenary session(T), enacting Law no. 6/2020(P) to confirm the State of Emergency.

  • On 14 August, the Ministry of the Interior issued a dispatch(P) spelling out limitations on travel across the land border with Indonesia.

  • On 19 August, the Government issued Resolution 28/2020(P), which had been approved on 29 July, for short-term measures to mitigate the economic impacts of Covid-19.

  • On 20 August, a Timorese citizen who had flown in from Indonesia on 5 August tested positive for Covid-19. Another person, an Indonesian who came across the land border on 12 August, tested positive on 26 August. Both had been quarantined, and are now in isolation.

  • On 26 August, the Council of Ministers asked the President to extend the State of Emergency until 4 October.


  • Iha loron 6 Jullu, La'o Hamutuk hakerek karta ida ba Rui Gomes, prezidente Komisaun ba Rekupersaun Ekonomiku, atu tuir ami nia enkontru ho nia.

  • Iha loron 27 Jullu, Prezidente Lu-Olo veta dekretu-lei ida ne'ebe hetan aprovasaun husi Konsellu Ministru iha loron 17 Junu atu estabelese e to establish a Rejime Jurídiku ba Vijilánsia Epidemiológika no Vijilánsia Sanitária. Tuir Akordaun husi Tribunal Rekursu, Prezidente deside katak dekretu-lei ida ne'e viola diretu no liberdade fundamentais iha Konstituisaun RDTL, no Parlamentu Nasional de'it iha poder atu halo ida ne'e. Timor-Leste agora laiha baze legal atu obriga kuarentena ka restrita viajen.

  • Iha loron 28 Jullu, Konsellu Jestaun ba Fundu Covid-19 fó sai relatóriu kona-ba ezekusaun orsamentu(P) até loron 24 Jullu. Sira gasta ona tokon $103 husi tokon $220 aloka ba Fundu ida ne'e.

  • Iha loron 4 Agostu, Rui Gomes aprezenta sumáriu Planu Rekuperasaun Ekonómiku hafoin COVID-19(P) ba Jornada Orsamentál. Konsellu Ministru aprova planu ida ne'e(P) (mos E ka Bahasa Indo.) iha loron 12 Agostu.

  • Iha loron 4 Agostu, Timor-Leste identifika ema ida ho testu positivu ba Covid-19, primeira vez dezde fulan Abril. Sidadaun Indonézia ida ne'e hela iha kuarentena dezde nia mai ho aviaun iha loron 22 Jullu. Nia rekupera ona.

  • Iha loron 5 Agostu, tuir pedidu husi Governu no autorizasaun husi Komisaun Permanente husi Parlamentu Nasional, Prezidente Lu-Olo deklara Estadu Emerjénsia(P) foun, até loron 4 Setembru. Hanesan uluk, iha restrisaun ba sirkulasaun internasionál no iha rai laran, no fó opsaun ba kuarentena/izolasaun. Prezidente mós fó diskursu ba públiku.

  • Iha loron 6 Agostu, Governu aprova Dekretu 10/2020 (mos P) kona-ba medidas atu implementa Estadu Emerjénsia.

  • Iha loron 11 Agostu, Parlamentu halo sessão plenária extraordinária no aprova Lei no. 6/2020(P) atu konfirma Estadu Emerjénsia.

  • Iha loron 14 Agostu, Ministériu Interior fó sai dispaxu ida(P) atu limita ba-mai liu fronteira terrestre ho Indonezia.

  • Iha loron 19 Agostu, Governu publika Rezolusaun 28/2020(P), ne'ebe aprova ona iha loron 29 Jullu, ho medidas atu halo mitigasaun iha tempu badak kontra impaktu husi Covid-19.

  • Iha loron 20 Agostu, sidadaun Timoroan ida hetan testu positivu ba Covid-19. Nia mai husi Indonesia liu aviaun iha loron 5 Agostu. Sidadaun Indonezia ida hetan testu positivu iha loron 26 Agostu. Nia mai husi Atambua iha loron 12 Agostu. Sira nain rua iha izolasaun.

  • Iha loron 26 Agostu, Konsellu Ministru husu Prezidente Republika atu prolonga Estadu Emerjénsia ate loron 4 Outubru.



January 2021


  • On 10 February, Government Decree 4/2021(P) assigned responsibility for managing border control to the Interior Ministry rather than to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • As cases continued to rise, on 15 February, the Council of Ministers adopted Government Resolutions 4 and 5/2021(P), banning travel between the municipalities of Bobonaro and Covalima (on the border with West Timor) and the rest of Timor-Leste. Lusa article (PE).

  • On 19 February, Timor-Leste hosted a quarterly meeting with development partners. Presentations included Plano de Vacinação Contra COVID-19(P) from the Ministry of Health and COVID-19 Health Response(E) by the Australian ambassador and the WHO representative.

  • On 19 February, the Council of Ministers proposed that the President renew the State of Emergency for another month. On 24 February, the Superior Council for Defense and Security and the Council of State supported the proposal, and Parliament approved it on 1 March (see below).

  • On 23 February, testing of more than 2,000 people in western communities found four (later six) people in Aldeia Klauhalek, Suku Belulik Leten, Munisípiu Covalima (on the border with West Timor) who tested positive for Covid-19. As they had not just arrived from outside the country, these are the first cases of community spread in Timor-Leste. They were brought to isolation in Dili and the government banned travel in and out of the affected village. So far, the spread appears to have been contained.

  • On 24 February, the Council of Ministers approved Government Resolution 10/2021, the Covid-19 vaccination plan(P).

Janeiru 2021


  • Iha loron 10 Fevereiru, Konsellu Ministru aprova Dekretu Governu 4/2021(P) fó knaar atu jere kontrolu ba fronteira ba Ministériu Interior, la’ós Ministériu Negosiu Estranjeiru.

  • Tanba kazu Covid-19 sa'e nafatin, iha loron 15 Fevereiru, Konsellu Ministru aprova Rezolusaun Governu 4 no 5/2021(P), atu limita viajen entre munisipalidade sira Bobonaro no Covalima no restu Timor-Leste. Artigu iha Lusa (PE).

  • Iha loron 19 Fevereiru, Timor-Leste halo enkontru trimestral ida ho parseiru dezenvolvimentu sira. Aprezentasaun sira inklui Plano de Vacinação Contra COVID-19(P) husi Ministériu Saúde no COVID-19 Health Response(E) husi embaixadór Australia no reprezentante husi OMS (WHO).

  • Iha loron 19 Fevereiru, Konsellu Ministru husu Prezidente Repúblika atu prolonga Estadu Emerjénsia ba loron 30 tan. Iha loron 24, Konsellu Superior Defeza no Seguransa no Konsellu Estadu rekomenda ba Prezidente atu autoriza Parlamentu Nasionál atu prolonga EE. PN aprova ona iha loron 1 Marsu (hare iha kraik).

  • Iha loron 23 Fevereiru, teste sira iha komunidade hetan ema na’in haat(T) (orasida neen) pozitivu iha Aldeia Klauhalek, Suku Belulik Leten, Munisípiu Covalima (besik fronteira ho Timor Barat). Sira mak primeiru kazu iha ema ne’ebé la foin mai husi li’ur. Sira tama iha izolamentu iha Dili, no governu bandu ba-mai husi aldeia ida ne'e. Ate agora, seidauk iha kazu tan iha komunidade nia leet.

  • Iha loron 24 Fevereiru, Konsellu Ministru aprova ona Rezolusaun Governu 10/2021, Planu Vaksinasaun Covid-19(P).




Covid-19 continues to escalate rapidly in Dili and other parts of Timor-Leste. By 16 May, 14 people had died with the disease and there are 2,739 active cases. Many public health and confinement measures have been taken (including first doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine administered to about 50,000 people), and the State of Emergency has been extended every month through the end of November. La'o Hamutuk is not going to continue to update this page comprehensively, as health information is on the government's Covid-19 dashboard and emergency measures are on the government website.


 Imagen sira tuir mai aplika ba faze Estadu Emerjénsia iha Marsu-Abril 2021

 Imagen sira tuir mai aplika ba faze Estadu Emerjénsia iha 2021 maibe agora antigu



 Imagen sira tuir mai aplika ba faze dala-haat Estadu Emerjénsia iha Agostu-Setembru 2020

 Imagen sira tuir mai aplika ba segundu faze Estadu Emerjénsia iha Abril-Maiu 2020

Imagen sira tuir mai husi primeiru faze Estadu Emerjénsia iha Marsu-Abril 2020



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