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2017 Presidential Election
Eleisaun ba Prezidente Republika iha tinan 2017

7 March 2017. Updated 23 March 2017

La'o Hamutuk is publishing information about the Presidential Election here, in order to make them as widely available as possible. We welcome additional materials. Thank you.


Schedule and official materials

Materials from La'o Hamutuk

TV program and podcasts

La'o Hamutuk has arranged for one-hour interviews on live television (TVE) with each of the eight Presidential candidates, which are being broadcast live on TVE and live-streamed on Facebook.

La'o Hamutuk publika informasaun iha ne'e kona ba Eleisaun Prezidensial, atu fahe ba ema hotu. Ami pronto atu simu informasaun tan. Obrigadu.

Dokumentu sira

Kalendáriu no materais ofisias

Materiais husi La'o Hamutuk

mos PDF

Program televizaun

La’o Hamutuk halo entrevista ho kada kandidatu na’in-ualu ba tranzmisaun direta iha TVE, no mós “livestream” iha Facebook.

Candidate/KandidatuDate / dataStreaming videoDownload podcast Transcript

António da Conceicào (Kalohan)

7 MarFB

129 MB

Tetum, English
Maria Angela Freitas da Silva9 MarFB (part 2)93 MB, 11 MBTetum
António Maher Lopes (Fatuk Mutin)9 MarFB61 MB 
Amorin Vieira11 MarFB66 MBTetum

José António de Jesus Neves (Samala Rua)

13 MarFB133 MBTetum, English
Francisco Guterres (Lu-Olo)14 MarFB148 MBTetum
Luis Alves Tilman16 MarFB138 MB 
José Luis Guterres (Lugu)?   


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