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2019 General State Budget
Orsamentu Jerál Estadu ba 2019

Written 19 October 2018.  Revised 17 December 2021

Link to page on 2017 and 2018 state budgets.      Liga ba pájina kona-ba OJE 2017 no 2018.   Link to page on 2020 state budget / OJE 2020.

Contents of this page

Konteúdu pájina ida ne’e

2019 Budget Process begins

Because of the 'political crisis' of 2017-2018, the VIII Constitutional Government was not formed until June 2018, and the General State Budget for 2018 was not promulgated until 27 September 2018. As a result, the process of designing and enacting the 2019 State Budget is delayed, as allowed by the Budget and Financial Management Law when a new Government comes into office.

As in the last several years, the Ministry of Finance held a Jornadas Orçamentais (Budget Days) workshop on 12-18 September 2018 to discuss program and budgeting for 2019. La'o Hamutuk and others outside the government were invited for the last two days. Download the Ministry's presentations (in Tetum) here.

At the Council of Ministers meeting on 21 September, the acting Minister of Finance presented three budget scenarios, and the Government chose the highest one, with a budget ceiling of $1.44 billion (including borrowing) for 2019, comprised of:

  • $200 million for salaries and benefits (same as in the proposed 2018 budget)

  • $305m for goods and services (28% less than in 2018)

  • $622m for public transfers (137% more than in 2018)

  • $     4m for minor capital (same as 2018)

  • $219m for development capital (without borrowing) (34% less than 2018)

  • $  87m in borrowed money for development capital (41% more)

As in past years, these numbers changed as the Government developed its budget proposal and incorporated the Sunrise buyout. In the first step, the Ministry of Finance oriented the ministries on 25 September. Each ministry is to submit its budget proposal and Action Plan to the Ministry of Finance by 12 October, so that the complete Budget Proposal can be presented to Parliament on 8 November.

The Council of Ministers continued to discuss the budget at subsequent meetings. On 3 October, they appointed a Policy Review Committee, comprised of the Prime Minister and six other ministers, to assess the feasibility of plans for 2019. The Committee held a preliminary meeting on 19 October and met again on 22-27 October with each state institution.

On 22 October, Vice-Minister of Finance Sara Lobo Brites announced that the budget will be more than previously described, but she would not give a number.  In addition to more money for education, health and other government priorities, the budget is likely to include $350 million to buy ConocoPhillips' share of the Greater Sunrise project, as described by TimorGAP President Francisco Monteiro. He said that he Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals is asking for $374 million in the 2019 State Budget. The $24 million above the Sunrise purchase is much more than its annual allocations in 2013-2018, which were $9.1, $11.9, $13.9, $12.5, $17.4 and $12.8 million respectively.

On 29 October, the Budget Policy Review Committee finished its preliminary proposal, as reported by the Ministry of Finance, for a total 2019 budget of $1.35 billion, including $350 million to purchase ConocoPhillips 30% share of the Sunrise contract. However, Independente reported that the Budget Director-General of State Finances said that the Council of Ministers might add $300 million more, as the $1.35 million included only $600 million for Line Ministries.

On 30 October, La'o Hamutuk and FONGTIL hosted a public meeting on the 2019 State Budget, which was reported by Tatoli and included presentations by La'o Hamutuk and the Secretary of State for Social Communications.

Also on 30 October, the Prime Minister issued a Budget Circular encouraging all government agencies to help prepare the budget, and the next day the acting Minister of Finance presented the proposed budget to the Council of Ministers.

The 2019 budget grew rapidly. On 4 November, GMN cited Minister Agio Pereira that the budget could be as much as $2 billion. At its 6 November meeting, the Council of Ministers discussed a proposed 2019 budget of $1.827 billion (including loans), as also reported by the Ministry of Finance.

Prosesu Orsamentál ba 2019

Krizi Polítika iha 2017-2018 hanesan razaun VIII Governu Konstituisional labele forma too Juñu 2018, no Orsamentu Jerál Estadu ba 2018 seidauk bele promulga to’o 27 Setembru 2018. Husi rezultadu ne’e mak prosesu no promulgasaun ba Orsamentu Jerál 2019 tarde, ne’ebé hetan lisensa husi Lei Orsamentu no Jestaun Finanseiru ne’ebé fó fatin ba Governu foun uainhira tama ba edifísiu.

Hanesan iha tinan hirak kotuk, Ministériu Finansas hala’o workshop kona-ba Jornada Orsamentais iha 12-18 Setembru 2018 atu diskute kona-ba programa no orsamentu iha 2019. La’o Hamutuk ho sira seluk ne’ebé la’ós iha Governu nia laran hetan konvite tuir jornada ida ne’e durante loron rua nia laran. Bele download Ministériu nia aprezentasaun sira iha ne’e.

Iha enkontru Konsellu Ministru 21 Setembru, Ministra Finansas iha ezersísiu aprezenta orsamentu ho senáriu tolu, no Governu hili senáriu ida aas liu, ho envelope fiskál biliaun $1.44 (inklui empréstimu) ba 2019:

  • Tokon $200 ba saláriu no vensimentu (hanesan saida mak sujere iha orsamentu 2018)
  • Tokon $305 ba bens no servisu (28% menus duke 2018)
  • Tokon $622 ba transferénsia públiku (137% as liu 2018)
  • Tokon $    4 ba kapitál menór (hanesan tinan kotuk)
  • Tokon $219 ba kapitál dezenvolvimentu (la inklui empréstimu) (34% menus husi 2018)
  • Tokon $  87 osan empréstimu ba kapitál dezenvolvimentu (liu 41%)

Hanesan tinan hirak liubá, númeru hirak ne’ebé aprezenta tiha ona bele muda uainhira Governu komesa ho prosesu dezenvolve proposta orsamentu. No orsamentu ne’e sei inklui mós kustu hodi sosa partisipasaun Sunrise nian. Tuir pasu dahuluk, Ministériu Finansas orienta ministériu sira iha 25 Setembru. Ministériu ida-ida presiza submete proposta orsamentu no Planu Asaun ba Ministériu Finansas iha 12 Otubru, atu nune’e Proposta Orsamentu bele aprezenta ba Parlamentu iha 8 Novembru.

Konsellu Ministru kontinua diskute orsamentu iha enkontru sira tuir mai. Iha 3 Otubru, sira halo nomeasaun ba Komité Polítiku Revizaun, ne’ebé kompostu husi Primeiru Ministru ho ministru na’in 6 seluk, atu hetan asesu ba viabilidade planu ba 2019. Komité ne’e halo ona enkontru preliminaria iha 19 Otubru no enkontru iha 22-27 Otubru ho instituisaun estadu ida-ida.

Iha 22 Otubru, Vise Ministra Finansas Sara Lobo Brites anunsia katak montante orsamentu sei liu fali saida mak antes hato’o tiha ona, maibé nia sei la fó númeru detallu. Alende osan sei aumenta iha area edukasaun, saúde no prioridade seluk governu nian, orsamentu ne’e mós sei inklui tokon $350 hodi sosa partisipasaun ConocoPhillips husi projetu Greater Sunrise, haktuir Prezidente TimorGAP Francisco Monteiro. Nia dehan katak, Ministériu Petróleu no Minerais husu tokon $374 husi Orsamentu Estadu 2019. As liu tokon $24 ba sosa Sunrise, montante ida ne’e liu fali alokasaun annual iha 2013-2018; tokon $9.1, $11.9, $13.0, $12.5, $17.4 no $12.8.

Iha 29 Outubru, Komité Polítiku Revizaun finaliza ninia proposta preliminaria, tuir relatóriu Ministériu Finansas, ba total orsamentu 2019 ba biliaun $1.35, inklui tokon $350 ba sosa 30% partisipasaun husi kontratu Sunrise nian. Maske nune’e Jornál Independente hato’o katak Diretór Jerál ba Orsamentu no Finansa Estadu dehan katak Konsellu Ministru sei aumentu tokon $300 tan, tanba tokon $1.35 inklui de’it tokon $600 ba Liña Ministerial.

Iha 30 Otubru, La'o Hamutuk ho FONGTIL organiza enkontru públiku ba Orsamentu Estadu 2019 ne’ebé hetan reportajen husi Tatoli no inklui aprezentasaun husi La'o Hamutuk no Sekretáriu Estadu Komunikasaun Sosiál.

Alende ne’e iha 30 Otubru Primeiru Ministru halo Sirkulár Orsamentál ne’ebé enkoraja ajénsia governu sira hotu atu partisipa iha preparasaun orsamentál, no iha loron tuir mai Ministra Finansas interina aprezenta proposta orsamentál ba Konsellu Ministru

Iha 2019 Orsamentu aumenta ho lalais. Iha 4 Novembru, GMN haktuir katak, Ministru Agio Pereira dehan orsamentu bele aumenta too biliaun $2. No iha enkontru 6 Novembru, Konsellu Ministru diskute proposta orsamentu 2019 ba biliaun 1.827 (inklui empréstimu), montante hanesan mós hato’o husi pájina web Ministériu Finansas nian.

Proposed Budget sent to Parliament and passed

The Council approved the budget on 7 November, and the proposed budget law was presented to Parliament the next day, with a cover letter and a memo from Parliamentary staff.

The total proposed budget for 2019 is $1.827 billion (including borrowing), comprised of:

  • $214 million for salaries and benefits

  • $478m for goods and services)

  • $705m for public transfers (including $350m for Sunrise)

  • $  29m for minor capital

  • $313m for development capital (without borrowing)

  • $  87m in borrowed money for development capital

Parliament quickly established a calendar and a schedule of public hearings, but this was suspended for a week after the first two days, as Government had not yet submitted most of the supporting documents.

On 22 November, the Ministry of Finance provided all the budget books, which can be downloaded from lower on this web page. Parliament issued a new calendar for the remaining hearings.

On 29 November, Committee C heard testimony from several civil society groups coordinated by the NGO Forum, including La'o Hamutuk, the Core Group on Transparency, Rede Feto, Hasatil and Klibur Hadomi Natureza (Tetum except for La'o Hamutuk's). The Asian Development Bank also made a presentation.

The plenary debate on the budget began on 6 December (PN summary) with a speech by Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak (Tetum or Portuguese) and the reading of the Report from Parliament Committee C (Portuguese), which included the Economic Committee's recommendations for a credible, independent study on Greater Sunrise and alternatives. On 10 December (PN summary), Fretilin gave their response, along with the Partidu Demokratiku. The debate continued on 11 December (PN summary). After hearing from CNRT on the morning of 12 December, the budget was approved in generality by a 40-25 vote, as reported by Parliament, the Ministry of Finance and LUSA.

The plenary discussion on budget details began on the afternoon of 12 December and will go to 22 December. They have received dozens of proposed amendments, which we have compiled in a 165-page, 12 MB PDF.

During the budget debate, Government distributed a USB memory stick to members of Parliament, which included:

Fretilin explained their opposition to including $350 million for ConocoPhillips in the 2019 budget.

On 20 December, Parliament approved an amendment to add $300 million to the budget for purchasing Shell's participation in the Sunrise Joint Venture, bringing the total budget to more than $2.1 billion.

After each day's debate, Parliament publishes a summary in Portuguese and Tetum, but without specifics of votes on proposed amendments. Read these summaries for 13 December, 14 Dec, 15 Dec, 17 Dec, 18 Dec, 19 Dec and 20 Dec. Parliament compiled the daily reports in a monthly Informational Bulletin.

At an extraordinary plenary session on Saturday, 22 December, Fretilin explained why they would vote against the budget. Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak addressed Parliament (Port.) prior to the final vote on the budget, which had been increased to $2.132 billion. Parliament then voted 40-25 to approve the budget. After technical editing, it was sent to the President of the Republic on 24 December, and he has 30 days to promulgate or veto. The passage was announced by the Prime Minister's office, Government and Parliament.

The total enacted budget for 2019 is comprised of:

  • $   214 million for salaries and benefits

  • $   473m for goods and services)

  • $1,013m for public transfers (including $650m for Sunrise)

  • $     31m for minor capital

  • $   313m for development capital (excluding borrowing)

  • $     87m in borrowed money for development capital

It will be financed largely by transferring $1.846 billion from the Petroleum Fund, the largest withdrawal in history.

Proposta Orsamentu haruka ba Parlamentu Nasional no hetan aprovasaun

Konsellu Ministru aprova Orsamentu iha 7 Novembru no proposta lei orsamentu aprezenta ba Parlamentu iha loron tuir kedas, no iha nia karta justifikasaun hamutuk ho Nota Téknika husi staff Parlamentu nian.

Total Orsamentu ba 2019 hamutuk biliaun $1.827 (inklui empréstimu), detallu tuir mai ne’e:

  • Tokon $214 ba saláriu no vensimentu

  • Tokon $478 ba bens no servisu

  • Tokon $705 ba transferénsia públiku (inklui tokon $350 ba Projetu Greater Sunrise)

  • Tokon $  29 ba kapitál menór

  • Tokon $313 ba kapitál dezenvolvimentu (la inklui empréstimu)

  • Tokon $  87 ba empréstimu ba kapitál dezenvolvimentu

Parlamentu ho lalais estabelese kalendáriu no oráriu ba audiénsia públiku, maibé ida ne’e suspende tia ba semana oin hafoin loron rua, no Governu seidauk submete dokumentu sira hotu.

Iha 22 Novembru Ministériu Finansas fornese livru sira hotu, ne’ebé bele download iha pájina web ne’e nia okos liu. Parlamentu fó sai kalendáriu foun kona-ba audiénsia públiku sira seidauk halo.

Iha 29 Novembru, Komisaun C simu testemuña husi grupu sosiedade sivil balu, koordena ba FONGTIL. La'o Hamutuk, Core Group on Transparency, Rede Feto, Hasatil no Klibur Hadomi Natureza fó submisaun sira. Banku Dezenvolvimentu Asia (ADB) mós fó aprezentasaun ida.

Debate iha Plenária Parlamentu hahú loron 6 Dezembru (sumáriu husi PN), ho diskursu husi Primeiru Ministru Taur Matan Ruak no aprezentasaun Paresér husi Komisaun C (Portugés). Komisaun C (Ekonomia no Dezenvolvimentu) husu Governu atu prodús estudu independente kona ba Greater Sunrise no alternativa sira. Iha loron 10 Dezembru (sumáriu), Fretilin fó sira nia resposta, no mos Partidu Demokratiku. Debate kontinua iha loron 11 Dezembru (sumáriu). Haroin rona husi CNRT iha loron 12 Dezembru, PN aprova OJE iha jeneralidade ho votus 40 a favor no 25 kontra, hanesan descreve husi Parlamentu, Ministeriu Finansas no LUSA.

Diskusaun no votasaun iha espesialidade sei hahú iha lorokraik loron 12 Dezembru to’o loron 22 Dezembru. Deputadu sira halo proposta alterasaun liu 100, ne'ebe ami tau hamutuk iha arkivu ho pajina 165, PDF 12 MB.

Durante debate kona-ba orsamentu estadu, Governu fahe USB ida ba deputadu sira, ne’ebé inklui:

Fretilin esplika ninia opozisaun atu inklui tokon $350 ba ConocoPhillips iha OJE 2019.

Iha loron 20 December, Parlamentu aprova alterasaun ba OJE atu aumenta tokon $300 atu sosa Shell nia partisipasaun iha konsorsiu Sunrise. Orsamentu total agora liu biliaun $2.1.

Hafoin debate kada loron, Parlamentu publika sumáriu ida iha Portugés no Tetum, maibé laiha detallu kona ba proposta alterasaun sira. Bele le' sumáriu sira ne'e iha ne'e: 13 Dezembru, 14 Dez, 15 Dez, 17 Dez, 18 Dez, 19 Dez no 20 Dez. Parlamentu halibur relatóriu sira iha Boletim Informativa ida.

Iha Plenária estraordináriu iha loron Sábadu 22 Dezembru, Fretilin esplika ninia intensaun atu vota kontra lei OJE. Primeiru Ministru Taur Matan Ruak fó diskursu ba Parlamentu molok votasaun final ba OJE 2019, ne’ebé aumenta ona ba biliaun $2.132. Parlamentu vota 40-25 atu aprova OJE ne'e. Hafoin redasaun tékniku, OJE haruka ba Prezidente Repúblika iha loron 24 Dezembru, no nia iha loron 30 atu promulga ka veta. Aprovasaun ne'e anunsia husi Gabinete Primeiru Ministru, Governu no Parlamentu.

Total Orsamentu aprova ba 2019 inklui:

  • Tokon $   214 ba saláriu no vensimentu

  • Tokon $   473 ba bens no servisu

  • Tokon $1,013 ba transferénsia públiku (inklui tokon $650 ba Projetu Greater Sunrise)

  • Tokon $     31 ba kapitál menór

  • Tokon $   313 ba kapitál dezenvolvimentu (la inklui empréstimu)

  • Tokon $     87 ba empréstimu ba kapitál dezenvolvimentu

OJE ne'e sei hetan maioria finansiamentu husi Fundu Petrolíferu. Transferénsia ho montante biliaun $1.846 ne’ebé boot liu iha istória Timor-Leste.

On the President's desk

President Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo received the Parliamentary decree (plus annexes) on the budget law on 24 December. He recognizes that it is very important and presents difficult decisions. Before deciding whether to promulgate or veto the budget law, the President is consulting widely, including with civil society (invitation, FONGTIL report). The President's office has issued press releases on his meetings with civil society, the Prime Minister, religious leaders, the business community, academics, jurists, the Petroleum Fund Consultative Council and the Central Bank. He met with the Council of State on 15 January.

Since the budget was not promulgated by the start of 2019, Government is regulating spending according to the duodecimal system, through which it can spend 1/12 of the amount appropriated for 2018 during each month of 2019, as detailed by Government Decree 1/2019. On 9 January, the Council of Ministers approved duodecimal spending for January of $71.9 million: $16.7 in salaries, $29.0m in goods & services, and $26.2m in public transfers. Budget book for January 2019.

The Timor-Leste Media Development Center publishes daily English summaries of articles in the local media. Here are a few recent articles relating to the State Budget.

On 23 January, the President wrote a letter to Parliament and announced that he was vetoing the 2019 State Budget Law. He gave four reasons:

  1. Grave unsustainability issues of the State Budget 2019
  2. Orientation contrary to the Constitution and structuring laws
  3. High budget imbalance
  4. Absence of alternative policies.

Some journalists portrayed the different views of the President and Prime Minister as a "head-to-head showdown," but cooler heads prevailed.

Iha meza Prezidente nian

Prezidente Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo hetan ona dekretu no anexu sira kona-ba Lei OJE 2019 husi Parlamentu Nasional iha loron 24 Dezembru. Nia rekoñese katak desizaun ne’e importante duni no inklui dezafiu balun. Molok nia deside atu promulga ka veta, Prezidente halo konsultasaun ho entidade barak, inklui sosiedade sivíl, (konvite, relatóriu husi FONGTIL). Gabinete Prezidensiál fó sai komunikadu imprensa sira kona-ba enkontru with sosiedade sivíl, Primeiru  Ministru, akadémiku sira, lider relijiozu sira, emprezariu sira, jurista sira, Banku Sentrál, no Konsellu Konsultativa Fundu Petrolíferu. Iha loron 15 Janeiru, nia hasoru malu ho Konsellu Estadu hodi rona sira-nia hanoin.

Tanba orsamentu seidauk promulga bainhira tinan 2019 hahú, Governu uza rejime duodesimal, ne’ebé fó lisensa atu gastu montante 1/12 husi OJE 2018 kada fulan durante 2019. Iha loron 9 Janeiru, Konsellu Ministru aprova despeza duodesimal ba fulan Janeiru no montante tokon $71.9. Livru orsamental ba fulan Janeiru 2019.

Iha loron 23 Janeiru, Prezidente Republika hakerek karta ba Parlament (Port.) no fó sai komunikadu katak nia veta Lei OJE 2019, no haruka fali ba Parlamentu. Nia fó razaun haat:

  1. OJE 2019 hamenus liután sustentabilidade
  2. OJE 2019 la haktuir Konstituisaun no lei estruturante sira
  3. Dezekilíbriu Orsamentál aas tebetebes
  4. La iha polítika alternativa.

Revised and promulgated after veto

Parliament announced and held a one-day debate on the President's veto of the budget law on 31 January, with statements from the Prime Minister (also 12 MB video), Fretilin, PD and PLP. After approving an amendment to remove the $650 million to buy into Greater Sunrise, Parliament approved the revised $1.48 billion budget law by a vote of 40-25, with Fretilin still opposed. The outcome was reported by the Prime Minister's office and by Parliament. The revised law was sent to the President on 1 February.

On 7 February, a week after receiving the revised General State Budget Law for 2019, President Francisco Guterres Lu Olo promulgated it. In his press release, he explained that although Parliament had removed the $650 million to buy Sunrise participation, as this money was 'contemplated' in the amendments to the Petroleum Activity Law that he had promulgated. However, 23 MPs have petitioned the Court of Appeals to invalidate those amendments. The budget law was published in the Jornal da Republica as Law no. 2/2019 of 7 February.

On 11 February, the President explained why he had promulgated the budget, urging Parliament and Government to make future budgets more sustainable: “We all need to prepare the future today, starting now to look at whether what we are actually building is what we want for the future, for us and the generations to come, our children and grandchildren. Let us gain a deeper collective consciousness about our present reality and our future as a Nation.”

The Finance Ministry launched execution of the 2019 budget on 18 February, ending the duodecimal regime.

The Budget Books for the enacted budget were published in April.

Re-apresiasaun hafoin veta, promulga ona

Parlamentu anunsia no halo debate ho reapresiasaun Lei OJE 2019 iha loron 31 Janueiru, ho deklarasaun sira husi Primeiru Ministru (mos video 12 MB), Fretilin, PD no PLP. Hafoin aprova alterasaun ida atu hasai tokon $650 atu sosa partisipasaun iha projetu Sunrise, Deputadu sira aprova lei foun ba OJE 2019, ho montante biliaun $1.48, ho votasaun 40-25, no Fretilin nafatin vota kontra. Akontesimentu ne'e hetan kobertura husi Gabinete Primeiru Ministru no Parlamentu. Parlamentu haruka lei foun ba Prezidente iha loron 1 Fevreiru.

Iha loron 7 Fevreiru, semana ida hafoin Prezidente Repúblika Lu Olo simu lei foun, nia promulga Orsamentu Jerál Estadu ba tinan 2019. Ninia komunikadu imprensa esplika "Iha reapresiasaun OJE, Parlamentu Nasionál hasai montante miloens $650 ba sosa asoens partisipasaun husi kompania ConocoPhillips no Shell tanba kontempla tiha ona iha Lei Atividade Petrolíferu ne’ebé Prezidente Repúblika promulga." Maske nune’e, Deputadu/a na’in 23 fó pedidu ba Tribunal Rekursu atu kansela alterasaun ba Lei Atividade Petrolíferu. Jornal da Republika publika OJE hanesan Lei no. 2/2019 da 7 Fevreiru.

Iha loron 11 Fevreiru, Prezidente fó sai mensajen ida atu esplika tanba sá nia promulga OJE 2019, no husu Governu no Parlamentu atu implementa sustentabilidade iha futuru. "Ha’u fiar katak ita hothotu iha devér atu prepara ba ita-nia futuru, prepara kondisaun moris-di’ak ba ita-nia jerasaun abanbairua nian, hosi lala’ok ka komportamentu ne’ebé ita hala’o ohinloron. Ita tenke haree ba realidade ohinloron nian! Ita tenki manán konxiénsia koletiva klean liu kona-ba ita-nia realidade ohinloron no ita-nia futuru, nu’udar Nasaun."

Ministeriu Financas halao lansamentu prosesu ezekusaun OJE 2019 iha loron 18 Fevereiru, no remata rejime duodesimal.

Livru final sira ba OJE 2019 publika ona iha Abril.

Graphics about 2019 budget


Gráfiku kona-ba orsamentu estadu 2019


Graphics below here show the budget as passed by Parliament in December and vetoed by the President in January.

Grafiku sira tuir mai hatudu OJE hanesan Parlamentu aprova iha Dezembru no hetan veta husi Prezidente iha fulan Janeiru.

Graphs after this depict the budget as proposed to Parliament in November 2018. Their points are still valid.

Gráfiku sira tuir mai reprezenta OJE hanesan proposta ba Parlamentu iha fulan Novembru 2018. Sira nia konklusaun validu nafatin.

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